Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Christmas gifts from the store, "Nati"

Shop "Nati" is a collection of Christmas toys for your children!
Make happy your child's magical doll Winx!

Friday, December 24, 2010

New Winx Collections of Books -Russians take over-

Winx Club. Magic for Techny
Publisher: AST, Astrel, December 25, 2010
Paperback, 64 pages
From the Publisher
Techny invents an amazing machine, but its creation turns against
her. Gloomy prophecy separates it from Timmy. What will be their future?
  Price: 116 rubles.

Winx Club. Fashion collection for Stella
 Publisher: AST, Astrel, December 25, 2010
Paperback, 64 pages
 From the Publisher
Stella is desperate to win the interplanetary contest the Magic of Fashion. It's head goes into preparing for this grand event, but this time some mysterious woman comes between her and Brendan ...
Price: 116 rubles

Ball to Bloom
Publication date: December 25, 2010
Bloom gets very important for her invitation to a ball from the parents of her Sky, but at this moment her faith in Skye and they love being sorely tried. However, there issomething much more important: on the home planet of Skye, Eraklion, threatened with...
Price: 109 rubles.
Soon there will be other!

P.S.I used translator to translate this,so here read the full same post,but in russian ;) And i said in tittle that Russians are takin over Winx cause they really do!I mean just look all those Russian products and 2nd movie is already realised on russian,so my oponion is that they really are takin over Winx.

Winx Club MUZ Russians!

Tiff beautiful Bloom and Prince of Skye on the eve of the long-awaited weddingthreatens to turn into big trouble. After this event lies a terrible secret that could foreverdestroy the happiness of lovers.And then there's sinister witches and ready to bring down the fragile balance of magic.But friendship, courage and true love will save this beautiful world. Famous Winx Club are back!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winx Comic №81 in Italy!

Are you ready for an exciting new adventure?
Stay strong!
  The next issue Winx Club changed its appearance, you will find a number of positive emotions and amazing magic!
If you want to help us make the magazine even better, do not forget to send a questionnaire which you will find on page 5!
For the fastest will be a fantastic doll as a gift!
Rain becomes a magical ...
with an umbrella Winx Believix!
Some pages of the comics!
Comic - A grain of truth!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stella Season 5???

COULD IT REALLY BE?STELLA IN SEASON 5?IF SO SHE LOOKS SOOO CUTE!Dont you agree?Specially the hair :D Aww love it ^^ But have in mind that it could be only some scan from old comic ;)
Da lli je moguce?Da lli je ovo Stella u petoj sezoni?Pa ako jeste prillicno je prelepa :P Alli pazite ovo moze biti jedan obican isecak iz novina :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New! Natural sea sponges Winx Club!

Winx Club 3D:Magic Adventure Awards

Last night at the Casa del Cinema in Rome are given awards
those who have contributed greatly to the success and distribution of animation in 3D
Italy.As part of the movie "Winx Club: The Magical Adventure" won
as best animated film, beating such cartoons as
"A Christmas Story, " "Toy Story - 3" and "Shrek: Long and
Good luck. "

Prosle noci u Casa del Cinema u Rimu,davane su nagrade za one koje su imalli odllican uspeh i distribuciju u animaciju u 3D u Italiji.Tako je Winx Club:Magicna Avantura osvojilla nagradu za najbolji animirani film,pobedjujuci crtace kao sto su: "Bozicna Prica","Prica o igrackama 3", i "Srek:Dugo i srecno"

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poppixie-Magical power Pam

Released: 12/01/2011
Publisher: Hachette
Collection: Library Rose
Number of pages: 64
Dimensions: 12.5 x 17.8 cm x 0cm

Tree of Life is in danger! Pam and others Pixie want to save the Tree of Life,
whether can they overcome the dark forces?

New! Promotional image of new dolls Winx Russia!

Aww don't you just love the Stella City Girl one <3 And Musa is very pretty on city girl too :D But Tecna's hair looks really kinda "schoked" :/ XD And Roxy's hair is more red then pinkie.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Tecna! + Monthly Voting

Today is 22th Tecna's birthday just like Bloom got if we see that winx started 2004 if 2003 then 23 :D Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECNA!
And i added something new its blog of the month :D December 2010 blog of the mont is  The Tecno Page cause i really like it :) The new voting is for January is started today and its ends 01.01.2011 :) About more check out on Home Page.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winx Club 3D Products-Winx pernice 3D stil

Sunday, December 12, 2010

When Winx Club started?Kada su winx stvarno pocele?

Well da,when winx club awesome show've started?I always thouhht that winx started 2003.But,then while yesterday creating "Bloom's Happy Birthday Post" i wrote Happy 23th birthday,but then i saw my friends Phoebe wrote 20th birthday,then i checked and i saw some other blog wrote 20th birthday.I thought its 23th cause i thought winx created in 2003 and Bloom on start of show had 16 years.So 2010(today's year) - 2003(year of when winx have been created) = 7 >>> So 16+7=23 Thats how i got 23 years.But i am interested to see how you all guys got 20th!?And then i did little reaserch and found this...
This one is from Official movie site and its clearly as i thought says 2003...but then>>>
This is Winx on Wikipedia page and its says 2004!?

Although we all know that Wikipedia isn't really trustable i searched a little bit more,and found this>>>>

Its an part of artical from Iginio Straffi's official web site and its says also 2004.So i dont know what to think anymore,cause i would more trust to official movie site cause well i dont know but i just trust him more.So i don't know what to think anymore,are Winx created in 2003,or earier 2004? ><

Pa izvinite ali,ne mogu sve ovo sada da pisem bas i na srpskom pa cu uktratko.Da li mislite da su Winx napravljenje u 2003 ulli 2004 godini?Ja sam mislio da Blum puno 23 godine zato sto sam mislio da su winx stvorene u 2003,a na pocetku Blum je imala 16 godina.Pa 2010(danasnja godina) minus 2003 daje ukupno 7....Pa 7 plus Bluminih tadasnjih 16 godina daju 23.Ali neki su pisali da je nepunila 20!?!Gore sam pronasao nesta sta bi trebalo da dokaze u kojoj godini su winx ustvari i napravljene,ali imamo dva podatka 2003 i 2004 tako da nzm vise sta da mislim,sta vi mislite kada su winx ustvari stvorene?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Bloom

Today December 10th is Blooms 23th birthday,so happy birthday,do you guys maybe guess her wishes? :)

Winx City GIrl Lutke!

Evo i nesta za Srbe kolekcionare.Ovde mozete videte Winx Blum City Girl izgled,ali dole imaju slike od drugih devojaka,sto znaci da imaju sve verovatno da se naruce.Jedna lutka kao sto vidite je 1590 dinara.Stranicu mozete naci ovde ako zelite da narucite.Takodje ovde imaju jos neke winx stvarcice...Uzivajte ^^

Winter Came Online Too! ^^

Like title says,winter start online too,on winx site there is new cold look :D Snow is everywhere,and background is blue ;) There are falling snowflakes too,i hope u'll enjoy they's new looks and contests of forum ^^
Kao sto kaze naslov,zima je pocela na winx sajtu ,i imaju novi hladan izgled :D Sneg je svuda i pozadina je plava ;) Takodje imaju i padajucie pahuljice.Nadam se da cete uzivati u njihovom novom izgledu i voim takmicenjima na forumu...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Awesome 3D Scans

Winx Club 3D Bulgarian 2011 Premiere

Any Bulgarian's winx fans?If so you are lucky to check out the 11.02.2011 Premiere ^^
Ima lli kojih Bugariskih winx fanova,ako da onda imate srece da 11.02.2011 pogledate Premijeru filma.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Winx Products

Well this is Stella in her 2nd Concert outfit :) we can see it on one of cover comics
Ovo bi bila Stela u njenom drugom koncertnom outiftu,koji mozemo videti na naslovnici jedne od casopisa...
I think its Bloom,but it ould be Roxy too.
Mislim da je ovo Blum,ali mogla bi biti i Roksi.
This one really cute Beleivix Bloom doll,i think its really cute,among all of other not so really cute dolls.
Ovo je jedna stvarno slatka Blumina Biliviks lutka,msm da je stvarno slatka,za razliku od drugih koje nisu bas najlepse odredjene