Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Musa/Srecan rodjendan Mjuzaaa :D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grade new movie Winx Club Magical Adventure 3D(Magica Avventura) Oceni novi Vinks film,Vinks Klub 3D:Magicna Avantura

Yup,so grade it from 1-10 with all ur's explanations of grade.Ofc if you still haven saw movie,see the trailer if it,and say reactions of trailer,but if you are grading movie from trailer write that up in comments below too. Sooo,shall we start? :D And i started this "campaign" on NIcks Winx message board.
Ocenite kako vam se cini,makar trejler ako fillm niste odglledalli od 1-10 i recite razloga i objasnjenja za tu ocenu koju date naravno! Ako vec pisite ocenu o trejleru,a ne o fillmu,to recite i u kommentu takodje.

Even NEW description on Nick's site O.o lol Cak NOVI opis Vinksica na Nikovom sajtu

So,there were already two of them,and now this one third is completely right! First,there were mentioned only Aisha  and Bloom,then in 2nd there were they all mentioned but they wrote Aisha wrong,they misspelled as "Ashia" :/ And now this i guess is a final description,and its good.
Pa billo je vec dva opisa,pogresna opisa tj.! U prvom,bille su samo Aisa i Blum,a posle u drugom su ih sve spomenuli,alli su  pogresno napisali Aisa (Aisha) i napisalli su "Ashia" tj na srpskom Asia lol Alli sada je sve u potpunom redu,sa ovim trecim nadam se i posllednjim opisom  za ovo. ^^

Nick's Premiere is on June 27th!27 Juna na Nicku jednocasovne premijere Winx!

So we've got the date too! Everything you guys need is to wait ^^
Thanks BelieveInWinx again. :]

Friday, May 27, 2011

Winx Nickelodeon Promo Poster!

Thanks BelieveInWinx

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainbow Magic Land set 25.05.2011 and 22.12.2010

Please Don't steal pictures! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Romi Dames voicing Musa/Romi Dejms davace glas Mjuzi

So another one is revealed! Its Romi Dames,and she is voicing as Musa! Yup,thanks Believe in Winx who found it out first.She tweeted [click for her official twitter] that she was playing for Winx club,and then tweeted back to BiW that she will be Musa! I hope BiW don't have anything about me using their pics ^^

Monday, May 23, 2011

Winx Club Comics No.7 in Serbia! Winx casopis br.7 u Srbiji


Ariana Grande is playing Diaspro! Another [W] secret reveald! Ariana Grande davace glas Diaspro na Nick-u!

Yup,i guess i am last to post,but whatever :D Well here are some her twitter posts!

This one belongs to UnaDiNoi,rest by me. :]

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winx Club Serbian Ice Cream Commercial! Winx Club reklama za sladoled u Srbiji!

VERUJ U MAGIJU! :] Believe in Magic ^^

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Winx Club:NEW Nickelodeon Promo Trailer! June 2011!

Enjoy ^^

PopPixie DVD!

Winx---Believix! [credits]

Winx Club on Nick site opened! Otvorio se Winx sajt na Nick site-u!

Yeyy these are awesome news,right!? :D So first i will do the credit thingie! Thanks UndaDiNoi for credits.
First i will tell you that UndaDiNoi also got one more gr8 news,and its that beside Molly Quinn,in cast members for Nick there will also be Ariana Grande confirmed by this picture.
Well here is link to the Winx Club on Nick! I think it looks really great look and all that.Im just realllyy sad because i CAN'T watch trailer :[ Its like not available in my location. But im working on to see it,by searching for some proxy's and when i find right one,i will post it here,at least if anyone but my country cant see it,then for my country,but i want everyone can see it ^^
So if you wanna read facts that  UnaDiNoi wrote,visit her page,they are really interesting.
And here one my fact or is it fact lol
Read next description: .....

Winx Club

"Life is a fairy tale for Aisha and Bloom, the magical members of the Winx Club. These fab fairies are best friends at Alfea - the best fairy school in all the land. When they're not out fighting their wicked witch enemies, the Trix, they're hanging out with their boyfriends, the Specialists. These gals may look like pretty pixies, but they're not your average fairies.

I just don't know  they only wrote Bloom and Aisha,magical members of Winx Club,but not other girls!? I mean its not a fact,i more see it as not really good made description,but who cares about this,right?Its good we at least have Winx! :D  Hope ya liked post.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Winx Italian comic no.86.!



Rainbow MagicLand: flashmob con backstage

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Play castle in Russia?

 This is like some Playcastle in Russia or something and its found in Krasnodar... Near Sochi and Rostov on Don)) [also thanks for infromations to one that took this pic,and their name is on pic down our logo]. So the problem about this castle or whatever is that there are pictures of Winx in FAN_ART tranformation which IS awesome,but not real(for now i guess).So dont like think its some new tranformation or anything ;]
If you don't remember,this down is Flyrix,which NOTE is just a FAN-ART!But ppl just sometimes make mistakes and that's all.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Videos from the game ,,Школа Волшебниц"

 So mystery comes to ends :) This aint season 5,it was screenshot from Russian video game ;] Well for some of us,this even wasn't one of Winx mysteries cause i kinda honestly guessed that those pics weren't screenshots from season 5,especially when we heard that graphic is maybe gonna change to 3D(movie graphic) sooo...enjoy videos ^-^ And thanks shinig-winx for source.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A touch of magic on the walls of the city ' Didir magija na zidovima gradova '

"Rome but Naples, Florence, Bologna and Milan.
It is the city where, between May and August, there will be advertisements for Rainbow Magicland.
The profile we are collecting in the Flickr of the park, which also houses the spot backstage photographs, images, attractions, artwork and more.
For now, those are two of the advertisements, but also others coming soon

"Ne samo u Rimu,vec u Napulju(ja msm) ,Florenci,Blogni i Milanu 
bice gradovi gde ce se,izmedju Maja i Avgusta,bice rekllame za Reinbov MedzikLend.
Profil koji kolektujemo u Flickr-u  parka,koji ce prikazivati bekstejdz
fotografije,sllike,atrakicje,umetnosti,alli i takdje druge stvari dolaze uskoro."

"Roma, ma anche Napoli, Firenze, Bologna e Milano.
Sono le città in cui, tra maggio e agosto, saranno presenti le pubblicità di Rainbow MagicLand.
Le stiamo raccogliendo all’interno del profilo Flickr del parco, che ospita anche fotografie backstage dello spot, immagini delle attrazioni, artwork e altro.
Per ora i soggetti delle pubblicità sono due, ma ne arriveranno presto anche altri."

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rainbow MagicLand Spot TV 30'' con il magico mondo WINX CLUB / Winx Land advertisment!

Some news about realise of season 5.

Rainbow Company announced the transfer of rights to broadcast serila PopPixie channel Nickelodeon in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Eastern Europe, CIS and Africa.
The series is also sold for the show in Italy, France, Portugal, Finland, Russia, Africa, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa and Israel.

Thus, the series will be broadcast in more than 50 countries that hold the line of toys, Bandai, as well as products for more than 30 major European licensees, such as the Giochi Preziosi, Clementoni, Ravensburger, Rusconi, Hachette.

In Russia, signing important for the company's contract with the STS channel on the TV series Winx Club and PopPixie. The TV series Winx Club deal was for 5 seasons. All of them were produced in collaboration with Nickelodeon. CTC has already been transferred the right of the first 4 seasons, the show which will begin in the fall. The fifth season will be broadcast in autumn 2012 New Movie Magic Winx 3D adventure will come to the big screen in January next year, the date specified!
From Winx---Belieivx

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Winx Fashion!

May 2, 2011: April 4, 2011: Lisa H from Koko-Media @ and Alessandra G from Rainbow SpA have provided the latest Rainbow SpA press release below:

Rainbow, Mirtillo and Yaygan bring Winx Wonders to Russia

Loreto, Italy – Rainbow launched the new spring-summer 2011 and fall-winter 2011 children's wear collections during the CPM-Collection Premiere in Moscow this February. The collections were designed in collaboration with Mirtillo, an Italian company specialized in the creation, production and distribution of its own brands’ lines and those under license, and the new lines of fashion bags made by Yaygan, an international leather and stationary brand based in Istanbul.

The enchanted Winx Club collection by Mirtillo

After the success of the summer collections, Rainbow and Mirtillo are consolidating, also for the AW 2011 line, their profitable collaboration that has proven to be a symbol of efficiency and quality, but with an international touch.

Simple and fun, but at the same time, refined and elegant, the Spring-Summer 2011 Winx Club collection by Mirtillo proposes three themes: Winx Club Couture and Glam Tattoo dedicated to the fourth season of Winx Club and Rainbow Magic Land, inspired by the new theme park that is set to open this spring.

Winx Club Couture is a collection created for those special occasions. The color palette is delicate and refined: white, grey mélange, pearl and blue. The shiny and smoothly materials create a casual-chic look, suitable for all kinds of occasions. Viscose jersey, denim and garment dyed drill are ideal fabrics for rendering a refined and glam day-to-day style. The delicate one-color prints are illuminated by rhinestones or covered with impalpable net, creating a transparent overlapping game.

Glam Tattoo is the theme where color is the undeniable protagonist. The colorful combination of ruby and army green creates a strong effect. Lemon yellow lights up the summery pieces while white brightens up the stretch jersey t-shirts where graphics with touches of “bijoux” prints inspired by Bloom and her friends. Futuristic animal-print touches embellish an upbeat and bold look.

Rainbow Magic Land is the summertime theme. The pieces are designed for an easy look made with comfortable stretch jersey featuring cheerful combinations of white, coral pink and lemon yellow.

For next Fall-Winter 2011, Rainbow and Mirtillo propose a true burst of colors and sweetness expressed in 4 Winx Club collections with glamorous names – Romantic Dream, ’80 Love & Pet, Lovely Folk and Rock Star.

Romantic Dream. A romantic and sophisticated look characterizes the first theme, which plays on powder pink, grey mélange and black with touches of cream to illuminate a palette that is positively chic and feminine. The romantic mood of the graphics, reminiscent of precious cameos, is paired with soft and contemporary shapes for a mix that is both elegant and informal at the same time.

’80 Love & Pet. A decidedly ‘80s-inspired second theme, which proposes the overlapping and strong contrasts of colors like black and fuchsia for a look that is a throwback to the atmosphere of “Flashdance”. The tiny Winx friends are the stars of the graphics and appear on every item, bringing along their sweetness and the light of countless colorful rhinestones.

Lovely Folk. A hot red lacquer is partnered with cream and denim to form a motif that brings the romantic country settings of the old west to mind. In the playful prints, our little fairies turn into perfect cowgirls with leather boots and hats, ready to enter the local saloon!

Rock Star. Lastly, Bloom, Stella and Flora take part in a rock session on the city streets! The look is strong and fierce featuring fashion-oriented designs and colors, paired with faded one-color graphics made super cool by silver glitter and touches of hot red foil.

Fashion and practicality in the Winx Club bag collections by Yaygan

Total look and the importance of accessories for making the difference! The collaboration between Rainbow and Yaygan seems to meet this demand for the distribution of the super glamorous fashion bags in the Russian market. Yaygan, a partner of utter prestige, proposes purses, backpacks and accessories for free time, sports and the beach in a wide variety of themes. There are nine different collections that respond to the tastes and personalities of little girls everywhere.

Movie Collection. A capsule collection dedicated to the latest movie success, Winx Club Magic Adventure. Images of the sweet fairies are featured on fuchsia backgrounds with purple sponge print effects and colorful details.

City Girl Collection. A cosmopolitan mood that plays with fluorescent colors and pop details on purses and accessories that are practical and perfect for a day of shopping.

Butterfly Collection. All of the romanticism of the color pink combines perfectly with quilted fabrics and mini rose details.

Rock Collection. A glam-gothic collection with attitude featuring designs of Bloom, Stella and Flora in a Rock Band version.

Denim Fashion Collection. The triumph of total denim made even more interesting with small colorful details.

Teenage Fashion Collection. Large fuchsia spirals embellished with sequins fan out over blue surfaces creating an infinite play on lines.

Black Rock Collection. A theme with a dark side that plays on its stark contrast with the fuchsia graphics and touches of light from the metal studs.

Travel Collection. Semi-rigid oval-shaped trolleys where images of the tiny heroines, Bloom, Stella and Flora are the stars.

Beach Collection. Beach glamour for a bag collection in a practical and light high-tech fabric and light and available in different color variations.
Tanks for this informations:
Michael's Winx Club! Michael's Winx Club!
Michael's Winx Club!

Nickelodeon Schedules for Winx Club Info! Nickelodeonov TV Program informacije za Vinks!