Saturday, January 30, 2010

More PopPixie:Chek this+Movie

PoP Pixie

Well here you go some pictures and maybe rumor that PopPixie are going to be realsed in May 2010 in only what i heard so don't so trust in that......

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's build your wardrobe!(from winx official)

It's easy to find trendy stuff: fashion mags and stores are loaded with cool clothing you're dying to own. But if you want to build a basic wardrobe (and by that I mean Tshirts, jeans, sweaters that won't be over in a few months), things get trickier.
So I've come up with some easy tips for making sure there's something to wear in your closet:
Core pieces
You must have the simple basics for your wardrobe! And here you are few universal items you can't do without:
Two pair of jeans that fit great (A medium wash is the most classic. Avoid super dark rinses or light bleached tints - too trendy for a basic pair).
Khaki shorts. Not too short or long.
A pair of semi-slim-fit twill trousers.
Three solid-color Tshirts. Choose a basic, short-sleeve style in go-with colors like gray, black and white.
A button-down oxford
A well-fitted denim jacket
Nice pair of boots
A great pair of sandals - thongs, slides, wedges
Several versatile belts

Some tips to look cool:
Remember just this: only wear what works.
And here's how to assess what works for you:
Think about the places you go and what type of clothing is appropriate for your life.
Take personal activities and interests into consideration when trying to figure out what you really need.
Decide what comfort level you need. If soft fabrics and jeans with stretch have you spoiled, you'll want to stick with those.
Assess your figure. Take someone you trust shopping with you and ask her which styles really work on your body.
Find an inspirational source, style-wise: a certain fashion icon, a designer, or a little catalog, something that gives you ideas for new ensembles, styles, and creations.
Here's a little secret: try shopping at stores that aren't limited to teens.There are so many great places with nice basics and fresh buys that you wouldn't expect finding. Never limit yourself to shopping only at "teen" stores.

The rules
Trends are great in moderation.The goal is to pick one or two trends each season that you know you won't get sick of fast. (Insider tip: You're less likely to get tired of solids than prints)
If you decide to invest in a high-quality trend, don't ditch it the second it goes out.Hold onto it for a bit - it will definitely come back in style.
Learn to live with knock-offs (the stuff you buy in chain and discount stores).
Buy what you love.Never buy something just because it's trendy, on sale, or because a friend likes it. Really.
Great style is a learned art. Don't worry if you don't have it down pat yet. You'll find your fashion groove over the next few years.
Have fun. What good is fashion if can't lift your mood? Great colors, perfect fit and touchable fabrics can be real boosts.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hidding Tha Sun(from WInx officiaL)

One of the sky's most spectacular events is a solar eclipse.
When a solar eclipse occurs, what has happened is that the Moon has passed in front of the Sun and either partially or totally blocked it from our view. This can only occur during a new Moon phase and, to make things even more mysterious, sometimes the Moon blocks the Sun entirely, sometimes it appears that there has just been a circular slice taken out of a portion of the Sun and occasionally the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun without completely covering the Sun's face.
These are all different kinds of solar eclipses, but any of them puts on a marvelous show. Before our knowledge of the sky allowed us to predict when eclipses would happen, a solar eclipse was usually a cause for a lot of concern. After all, the Sun is very important to us here on Earth and to have it seem to disappear without warning was pretty upsetting.

Generally speaking, there are three different kinds of solar eclipses. The most impressive, of course, is a total solar eclipse, which is an eclipse where the Moon completely covers the face of the Sun.

Next Total solar eclipses:

July 11, 2010: Cruise to Tahiti or watch from Easter Island, Chile, or Argentina

November 13, 2012: Visible from north central Australia to the Great Barrier Reef

March 9, 2016: Crosses Indonesia-Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Halmahera

August 21, 2017: Sweeps a 70-mile-wide path across the United States, moving across Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina

A partial eclipse happens when the Moon passes in front of, or occults, the Sun, but does not hide it completely from our view. When a partial eclipse happens, it looks like a semi-circular bite has been take out of the Sun, and it looks kind of like a cookie after you have taken a bite out of it.

Nest Partial eclipses:

2011 Jan 04 : Europe, Africa, Asia
2011 Jun 01: Asia, N.America, Iceland
2011 Jul 01: Indian Ocean
2011 Nov 25: Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania
2014 Oct 23: Pacific, N. America
2015 Sep 13 :Africa, India, Antarctica
2018 Feb 15 : Antarctica, America
2018 Jul 13: Australia
2018 Aug 11: Europe, Asia
2019 Jan 06 : Asia, Pacific

The third type of eclipse is called an annular eclipse. These eclipses happen when the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun but, because of the Moon's distance from Earth, the Sun isn't completely hidden. During an annular eclipse, a small ring of the Sun's surface will still be visible around the Moon.

Next Anular eclipses:

2012 May 2: Asia, Pacific, N. America

2014 Apr 29: India, Australia, Antarctica

2016 Sep 01: Africa, Indian Ocean

2017 Feb 26: America, Atlantic, Africa, Antarctica

Racing Darkness
When the Moon passes in front of the Sun, it naturally casts a shadow. During a solar eclipse, this shadow falls on Earth and races across the surface of our planet. As the eclipse progresses and more and more of the face of the Sun is covered, the shadow gets darker and darker until eventually we have complete darkness during the day.
There are two general parts of the Moon's shadow that we see during an eclipse. The lighter part of the shadow is called the penumbra. If the eclipse is total, the darkest part of the shadow, where the eclipse is total, is called the umbra. If you are ever lucky enough to be in the path of the darkest part of the eclipse, also called the totality, you will first see the sky to get gradually darker and darker until it finally gets completely dark. What is happening is that you are standing in the path of the shadow of the eclipse.
When the sky starts to get darker, the edge of the shadow has reached where you are standing. As the sky appears to get darker and darker, more and more of the eclipse's shadow has covered your location. When it gets totally dark, you are in the umbra, or darkest part of the eclipse's shadow.
The totality of the eclipse usually lasts around a minute, then the whole process reverses. The sky will gradually get lighter and lighter until eventually it seems as if nothing unusual has happened at all. This isn't the case, though, as you have likely experienced what will probably be a once in a lifetime event.
Tip: Do not EVER look directly at the Sun without proper eye protection, even during an eclipse. Even when the Sun is partially covered, your eyes can be seriously damaged by looking directly at it. Sunglasses are not proper eye protection for viewing the Sun!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winx Club 2:The Magic is Baack new pictures

Omg here are some new new pictures,doesnt they all look just cute....=]]]

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Magija Vinks:Tajna Izgubljenog Kraljevstva

In Serbia the Winx on serbian in cinema are already start from 5.November and they are still in cinemas.....they are really popular here....not like in Italy of course,but.....Winx su jako popularne kod nas i zato je obradjen fillm na nasem jeziku....od 5.Novembra se daje i jos uvek ga mozete poglledati u bioskopima ako niste...zato sta cekate sto pre telefon u ruku....ili u Beograd na Usce  po karte i uzivajte....definitivno cete uzivati ako vollite moci,magiju i naravno nase WINX....!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winx Italian Magazin 70:"White Week"!

How beautiful vacation in the mountains! But what happens if the Trix witches prepare snowstorms and avalanches...and doesnt Roxy look so cute in that outfit...=]]]]

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Learn about pandas...from WInx official...

Let's learn something more about panda bears... so nice!

About 2,000 years ago, the geographers in China described a bear for the first time. Peculiar with its black and white coat, they were revered as peaceful animals as they fed exclusively on plants. To the Chinese, Pandas are symbols of peace and friendship. To the rest of the world, they are adorable bears.

Today, there are less than one thousand adults alive in their natural habitat. Pandas feed exclusively on bamboos and lead a solitary existence. Although 300 species of Bamboo are available in China, Pandas eat only about 10-12 species of them. In their natural habitat, their main predators are snow leopards, and starvation when bamboo flowers are also common occurrence.
On an average Panda spends about 14 hours a day looking for food.
Adult Pandas can eat about 25 kg of bamboo per day. Occasionally, Pandas eat grass, bark, stem, leaf, vine, tree fungus and some wild roots. Sometimes they also catch or scavenge upon bamboo rats. Giant Pandas don't hibernate in the winter. They continue to eat Bamboo and thrive in the area.
An average Panda weighs about 200 kg, with male Pandas weighing more than the females. Captive Pandas are known to live for about 25 years, but there is no information on the longevity of Pandas in the wild.

The closest relative to giant Panda is the Red Panda or lesser Panda, which occurs in India, Nepal, and China. The Red Panda is small, lives mostly on trees and eats roots, fruits, nuts and insects for food. Many scientists classify Pandas as racoons rather than bears.
Earliest Pandas were found in the ice age, about 1 to 3 million years ago. Fossils of Pandas have been found in Burma, Vietnam, and China.

Today giant Pandas are threatened by destruction of their natural habitat, poaching for their skin and meat, and demand for them in zoos and theme parks. The species will soon be extinct if they are not allowed to live and breed in the wild without outside interventions. In saving the forests from destruction, we could save a species from verge of extinction. For the Panda, there is no other way.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Winx Club Believix English....

You're magical,
All you gotta do is believe in yourself,
And everything will change.
You've got the power!

So wonderful!
Feel the magic pouring out from your heart,
Everything is possible.
It's a higher energy!

This is the power of

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Happy Birthday!!!!

So for late.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two version of opening....(i dont think so)....

 Hmmm.....what's the real official original English opening i wonder....first i thought it was the one which we all already heard...then when i saw that Wizi wrote that her friend friend from denmark watch on tv with that opening....what do you think...comment(pls)...=]]]   

Rainbow Scores Home-Entertainment Deals

LORETO: Rainbow S.p.A. has secured an agreement with Italy's 01 Distribution for the home-entertainment rights for Winx Club, while also securing a Russian deal on the property as well as on the series PopPixie.

The deal with 01 Distribution includes all four seasons of Winx Club, along with the DVD rights to the upcoming Winx on Ice live show, touring Italy, France and Russia this spring. The video sales will be supported by Winx Club events throughout the year, including the live Winx on Ice show and the launch of a second feature film in 3D, tentatively titled The Magic is Back. In Russia, Novij Disk snapped up the home-entertainment rights for all four Winx Club series. The deal covers home-video and DVD rights in Russia and former CIS.

Also in Russia, the property PopPixie, a new animated comedy based on the quirky Pixie characters from season two of Winx Club, has been sold for the home-entertainment market to HITLAB Entertainment.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PoPiXie Officiall......=]]]

Well finally,the Winx PoPixie site is going to be official of course....i hope it will be something like wondering when is going to open...'cause i checkt and there is no even italian version of site....but,we will wait until then and i will post a news so check on every day...=]]]]Until then you can visit this site,which is also about Pixies.....

* (official)

Totally Confused....!!!! totally confused now.....i know that i said that Roxy won't be in movie 2.....but,i do some research....and i dont know is this fan creation or not....Well look the pictures.....I think that she will be in movie.....that she isnt in that picture cause they will find her on earth later....=]]]

Friday, January 8, 2010

Winx Club 2:The Magic is back news

New feature film "The magic is back!"

Rainbow SpA The company started to build a new 3D-film, which will soon appear on the screens of Italy and then throughout Europe.

The working title of the movie - "The magic is back".
Release date - the film is scheduled for autumn 2010 in Italy, in Europe the same show will be held in 2011.

Answers and questions.
- Why does not the poster Roxy? It will not be in the movie?
Likely. Since the events of the second film unfolds after the first.

- Why Bloom sad?
It is noticeable that the girl bored. Maybe the problem is skae, because he looks at the poster angry.

- Parents Bloom conflict?
Maybe. They stand on both sides around Bloom, and is likely to have a disagreement about his daughter.

Have you noticed?

Leila is very different. Leather Princess of Andros has become much clearer and brighter. Lips, which often fault, now is not "crawl" out of the chin and become much thinner. Bang became lighter. The "old" Leila, we have seen for many seasons you can say goodbye.

The plot is already known!

Bloom, who saved the kingdom of Domino, lives happily with her parents Oritelom and Marion and even preparing for the wedding - King Erakliona Skye made her an offer (the end of the first film). All would have been nice if not Erendor, father of Skye decided to prevent the marriage! A reason for this - a dark secret ...

With the help of her friends Winx and Specialists, Bloom again to fight with old adversary Trix and keep the Magic measurement Magiks.

And it seems that MAYBE transformation are going to call "Glamurix"

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HaPpY NeW WiNx YeAr.....

I just wanted to wish you guys Happy New Year.....and thank you for visiting my blog....


LOVE YOU GUYS......<3<3<3