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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

News of season 5 and 6 ^^ Novosti o 5 i 6 sezoni :)

Official site of Nickelodeon; "Winx Club (4 one-hour recaps of seasons 1-3 in summer 2011, 26 episode season 4 in fall 2011, 52 episodes (seasons 5-6) starting in February 2012) "

Translation: "Winx Club (4 hours hurrying the summer of 2011 by 1-3 season, 26 episodes of season 4 in autumn 2011, 52 episodes (5-6 season) will start in February 2012)"

WinxFashionClub thanks :)

Winx Club in Concert Russia! Винкс на концерту у Русији!!!

Hvalla WinxFashionClub za slliku  ^^

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ice Cream in Russia! Sladoled u Rusiji!

Cena: 20 Ruba

Thanks for picture Winx---Believix!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NEW!Winx Ice Cream in Serbia!Novo,novo,novo! WINX sladoled u Srbiji!!!

Uskoro bice takmicenje,zato kupujte Winx slladolled,i skupljajte stikere/sllicice koje cete dobiti uz slladolled i moci cete da osvojite mnostvo cool nagrada.Takmicenje krece 29.Aprilla ;]
BAKUGAN tamicenje vec je pocello ;] Posetite sajt ovde.
The Winx Club Ice Cream is in Serbia! :D Yeyy im very happy :) THere is also Bakugan ice cream(its awesome t00 since i <3 Bakugan too) and there will be some kind of competiton here in Serbia.When u buy ice cream,you get sticker in both(Winx,Bakugan) and there will be some code which we write on "Frikom" (comapany) official site.Bakigan competiton already started,but Winx Competition starts on 29 April.

New №6 Winx Club Comic in Serbia! Novi broj 6 casopisa Winx Club-a na kioscima!



~Cute Love & Pet Beg~ (sorry no image)

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Sophix Picture! Nova Sofiks slika :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

NEW!NOVII №85 Italijanksi casopis Vinksa! Comic №85 Of Italian Winx!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Nickelodeon Season 4 Trailer! Sezona 4 Pregled od Nickelodeona!

New Pop Pixie Picture ^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 12th Blog 2nd Avversary!

As i said on home page it was our blog 2nd avversary ^^ Yey so here is one pic,as i also said on home page i will edit post so first im gonna write new post here and then edit that one ^^

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Voice of Valtor!!!

Keaton has also voiced Ethan in the Bratz animated series and Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Spectacular Spider-Man. (Thanks Winx-Fairies for this,i didn't know lol)

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

OMG Nickelodeon Official Trailer for WINX CLUB! June 201! :D

Omg,Omg,Omg...tihs is soooo cool ^___^ But i cannot wait that ALL blogs have already post this :O lol But i will credit well okay everyone :D Look now :D BelieiveInWinx,Winx Fairies,Winx Fashion club,Winx---Beliveix,MagiaDelWinx,UndDiNoi and now me :] Well yeah least,but not least ^_^ These are like really cool news,nah? But not sure,Winx Fairies thought and asked their blog readers that they will drop traditional making of Winx and go for same making as its in movies.I think it will better as tradtional drawing,then 3D.It will more look a like Disney's new Mickey Mouse :/ And that trailer kinda reminded me of Barbie!? Whoops,well yeah don't now why,but it did lol I havent seen that Barbie in years i think But never mind that,now do you like the trailer? Are u exated?Can u wait for June 2011? And OMG through 2014? Did you saw that? So its not goodbye with Winx yet ^^ Yeey :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini Winx Trend / Mini Vinks trend :]

Winx Dream Dancing Dolls/Igrajuce lutke

Mini Belieivx Winx/Mini Biliviks lutkice

Mini Winx Sporty/Mini Vinks sportska odeca lutke

Monday, April 4, 2011

New thing on Blogger! -No Winx News-

New thing is that now you can i think follow my blog through your own Emial! I think its really cool idea,and now everyone will be able to follow our news,and not just blogger users.So i guess(hope) my blog will now have  more followers,views,comments,reactions checks and all that ^_^ Well i really hope you like my blog,and P.S.there will be new design soon.It will beLove and Pet,what do you think aabout it?Cutee,nah??                                                                                                              Izmislili su novu stvar na bloggeru! Sada jos lakse i bolje mozete pratiti moj blog.A to cete uraditi jednostavno tako sto cete na ono tamo na slici ispod "Magical Followers" ukuscati svoj email i zatim pritisnuti "Submit"  I nakon verivikacije svi novi postovi u buducnosti ce vam stizati na mejl.Jako cool,zar ne? Sada predpotstavljam(nadam se) da ce moj blog imati vise pratiolca,gledanosti,komentara,reakcija,ocena i tako toga lol              Uzivajte u mom blogu,i P.S.Uskoro nam stize novi dizz bloga,bice Love And Pet,sta bi vi mislite?


Winx Club and PopPixie Brighten up Russian Ratings

(Cannes, France, April 4, 2011) - (Virtual Press Office) - Rainbow is pleased to announce a major deal with Russian broadcaster CTC for its iconic brand Winx Club and icon-in-waiting PopPixie. The deal is a direct result of the Winx’ extraordinary, long term ratings success and its solid position as the No.1 girls property in Russia - and will establish the shows on CTC’s programming grid for years to come.

The deal includes four brand new Winx Club TV movies as well as upcoming Series Five (26 x 24), both co-productions with Nickelodeon. CTC already holds the rights to Winx Club Series 1-4 which have had literally unparalleled success in Russia, both in terms of TV ratings and brand awareness: Winx Club has consistently been one the top five highest rating shows on air in Russia since its launch in 2008, regularly achieving audience shares of around 60%, even on reruns (Eurodata TV). On the licensing front, Winx Club is far and away the most successful girls brand in the territory: it just received the prestigious 2011 Golden Bear Award for Best Licensed Property because of the outstanding quality of its licensing presence and revenue results, even surpassing the likes of Bakugan and Ben 10.

CTC will air the brand new Winx Club TV movies this fall 2011 followed by a rerun of series 3 and 4. They will then will air Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure in January 2012 (during the Christmas holiday) followed by a rerun of series 1-4 in the lead up to the much awaited broadcast of Series Five in fall 2012.
CTC also purchased PopPixie (52 x 13), Rainbow’s latest animated comedy series, which had an extremely positive debut across Europe last year, reaching peak ratings of up to 58% amongst 4-6 year olds. The leading Russian broadcaster will launch PopPixie in Fall 2011, and expects to replicate the success of Winx Club, as well as PopPixie’s results throughout Europe. ”As you know we treasure our long years partnership and we'll be happy to put your new animated series on air,” stated a spokesperson for the channel.

More about Winx Club
Winx Club is the number one girl’s property in Europe and will soon carry its particular fashion of success to the US and UK markets, thanks to a long term and broad ranging deal with Nickelodeon. Four brand new one hour TV movies will air on Nick worldwide this summer, followed by series 3,4 and 5 in 2012 and 2013. Nick is co-producing seasons five and six, guaranteeing long term TV exposure of the brand to support its licensing platform.

Winx Club, Huntik, PopPixie, Monster Allergy, Tommy & Oscar, and Maya Fox.
For more information visit
Thanks to Michael for reporting it first! And Winxlewanty cause i took and read article from him ;]

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deleted Scenes from season 1! Izbrisane scene iz prve sezone!

OMG so cool :] Thanks MagiaDelWinx for this! ^_^

Friday, April 1, 2011

Nova VInks Igirca! New Winx Club Game Online!

Yup,there is new game on as they said :] New Game is called "Spot The Diffrenes" It's pretty cool ^_^
Pa nova igrica je stigla na kao sto su i rekli.Nova igrica se zove "Pronadji razlike" Izgleda veoma cool -.^