Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are these Season 5 outfits!? Jell ovo odece za 5 sezonu!? :D

Picture taken from that video,it is video for the newest Rainbow's project called RainbowTown and i think it is pretty awesome. :D <3

Final news about season 5 transformation!? Konacne vesti o transformaciji pete sezone!?

So the transformation is  definitely official from now on! :D Yeah guys,sorry,but like it or not it is.And we can now that by fact it appeared in magazin so it mustn't be,but i believe it is. ^^ It somehow looks me like a Ballerina. lol
Ovo je sllika iz casopisa,sto znaci da je transformacija definitivno zvanicna! :D
Nekako me podseca na ballerinu XD

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Winx Club Season 5 Poster no.2/Vinks Klub 2 poster 5-e sezone


And yeah,finally! I <3 It,looks like we're going under water,which obviously means we will head over Alfea or simply Magix again! Yey,missed that place lol And i hope Trix will appear 2. :D Also,I must agree with Winx Club Episodis that Winx Believix also head other pictures and looked diffrent than in actual season 4,which means that they can change this any time sooner.But it must be at least similar to this style :3
So what are your opinions!? Do you like it,love it,hate it? Would you change something?What do you hope to see in new season 5,coming next fall 21.September 2012!?
I honestly love it,i would love anything just that its WINX! :D
Also the full credits goes to WinxCluvEpisodios! Thanks a bunch!

Also,why it may even be true cause you can see the hairstyle,which is very similar or should i even say THE SAME to this picture down,which is fan made,but based on THIS official Rainbow video ! ^^

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pop Poxie HalloWinx + Serbian Magical Adventure 3D Poster! Pop Pixie za HeloVinks + Poster Carbone Avanture 3D

Rainbow S.p.A New Website + Video! Novi sajt i video Rainbow-a ^^

Also,visit the Rainbow S.p.A site ^^ Takodje posetite Reinbov sajt ^^

Winx Serbian Comic no.11 Comercial! Winx Casopis Reklama

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winx Club goes "Witch" for HalloWinx 2011! Vinks Klub za "Noc Vestica" bice vestice!? :D [Winx Casopix/Winx Comics]

"Super fairies fight monsters!These Winx you've never seen! They have a new style, new hairstyles, clothes and flashy accessories! But above all they are getting ready for new adventures ... And you know why? They should be strong and prepared because .. Come the terrible monsters that are willing to do anything to win our old friends, the fairies! But fear not! Winx are not alone! In addition to your help (we know that you are always on their side!), They can count on the rescue inseparable from their pets! By the way, you can not find them charming new style? A fantastic collection of dolls will be available HellouVinks on sale in the best shops in Italy in October!Especially for you we will open all the surprises the world HellouVinks: Mission Monsters!
New comics ... read in one sitting!You will see a super hero's fairies. Incredibly brave ... ready for an amazing adventure! Do not miss the new releases in your favorite comic magazine dedicated HellouVinks! Want to know more? Just for you - the names of exciting new comic that we're all waiting! (№ 91 Winx - Flora fight with a werewolf; № 92 Winx - Bloom against vampires; № 93 Winx - Call Stella mummy)

Play ... with fashion!... To know all the secrets of the new style HellouVinks not miss the next issue of "Glue & Go!". All clothing and fashion accessories in the 60 reusable stickers with which you can create a truly unique and original style super for your friends Winx! In the stands at the end of September! 

Already in the next edition of "Winx Club" - the first dedicated comics HellouVinks "Monster Mission 1 - Werewolves on shady hills", where the flora will fight with the werewolves. They have big claws, but it has its own HellouVinks! Also on the official website of the "Club Winx" can be viewed on the new series of 3 minutes (web episodes) and play the new incredible game, which is also devoted to Halloween. "

Picture and text belongs to MagiaDelWinx
[I know you don't really like copying ur text's,but i would be pleased if you don't mind this time). (: <3
[Click on pictures for full size! [ Pritisnite na sllike za punu vellicinu!]

Winx Club HalloWinx Dolls! Vinks Klub "Noc vestica" lutke

Great ladies of the Club Winx become witches for Halloween, which means the release of new dolls from the company Giochi Preziosi, in the line which we will meet again with Bloom, Stella and Flora in the Gothic version, and they are ready to celebrate Halloween in their glam lace dress! Each doll is sold in the order of 19.90 euros, together with her in a box - fashion earring, skull, a comb for the doll and her personal pet GLITTER. In addition to these dolls, a series of HalloWinx includes Bloom and Stella head to make-up: a girl can make up the fairies as they wish, as well as myself to make them original hairstyle. With each set - mascara, lip gloss, mirror, comb and other accessories. It will cost 34.90 euros.
Picture and text belongs to MagiaDelWinx ! ^^

Winx Club: La Revanche Des Trix (France DVD)

Picture: MagiaDelWinx! :D

Monday, September 19, 2011

Watch here full episode! Poglledajte punu epizodu ovde!

For next time use this   and watch Nick for free!
A,vi iz Srbije i dalje ^^ Koristite link gore da glledate slledecu Winx premijeru u promenjom terminu koji je kod nas illi 18 illi 19h. ;] <3

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Ball Gown Clothes! Nova odeca za bal!

                                                                       ROXY 1

                                                                        ROXY 2

-- - -- - - -- -
This i think mean that previus posts images are real right!? I mean just look Flora and Bloom! The pattern dress is almost THE SAME used in those pictures! Arghhh,another Winx Mistery,so ur thoughts!? :D I honestly for big surprise like Musa's and Tecna's the most. lol :P <3
Cini mi se da su onda sllike iz prosllih postovaprave,ne? Msm poglledajte patern koji je upotrebljen na tim sllikama i sllikama Flore i Blum gore,skoro isti! Pa,jos jedna Winx Misterija,sta vi misllite o ovome!? :D Hm ja za divno cudo najvise vollim Musinu i Tecninu haljinu. lol :P <3
 -- - -- -
Credits Pictures belongs to: Winx Club Episodios! Pictures are taken from Official Russian Winx Club Game!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pop Pixie premiered yesterday in Serbia/Pop Piksi premijerno prikazano juce

Pop Pixie has aired in Serbia yesterday on TV Channel ULTRA TV. I mus say it is HILARIUS! :D XD Pop Piksi juce stiglle u Srbiju na Ultri! Da,da,da dobro ste culli POP PIKSI u Srbiji! Epizode pocinju oko 20:20/20:25 i prikazuju se dve epizode. <3 Pop Pixie Serbian Opening Pop Pixie Serbian Opening in HD Quality! :D

Official Serbian Winx Club:Magic Adventure Trailer/Not Dubbed



Winx Club World Game Updates

There are new updates,you can choose Believix and new levels are up! ^^
Noviteti na Vinks Svet Igrici sa Nick-a . Mozete izabrati Biliviks kao transformaciju,a i novi nivoi su tu. ^^


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Winx Club 3D:Magical Adventure In Serbia/PREMIERE MOVED! Premijera za najnoviji Fillm Vinks Klub 3D:Carobna Avantura je pomerena!

So yeah,the premiere is changed to October 20th,from October 6th.  :/
Pa da,to su vam trenutno i moram reci nazallost najnovije vesti,msm stvarno,sada treba da cekamo jos viseee!!! Aaa strasno! Nego,premijera fillma sa 6.Oktobra,pomerena je na 20.Oktobar. Moracemo jos mallo da se strpimo.Alli,u medjuvremenu ceka nas uzbudljiva Winx nagradna igra,verovatno vezana za fillm! Vise o tome,uskoro. ;] <3

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Winx Club The Battle For Magix Soon! Uskoro!

Winx Hallowinx outits 2011/12!? HelouVinks odeca 2011/12!?

Is it official Winx Season 5 or NOT!?

So come on guys,lately we saw SO many new pictures and fanarts of Winx in these clothes and style,so is it really season 5?
Da lli su na kraju ovo Winx iz 5 sezone illi ne? Niko jos ne zna. lol

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Are these REALLY the new Winx!?

Sooo the big rummors this week are like this picture and this video : it,see pic(from and tell me what do YOU guys think about this!? :D Lol well i heard its just photos taken from "MichaelsWinx Club" from last years liscenisng thingie show or something,but not sure ^^ I honestly dont much like the new BLACK Winx girlz look,so i hope its only new rock looks,but i LOVE new Winter look. :) 
XOXO Jovan <33333