Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PopPixie - detailed story

In the heart of the magic forest, where magic and nature are united together, there is a Pixie Village, where live feechki, gnomes, magic creatures and elves. 

Pixie taking a large part in the development of their cities, each of which has a specific job and can use their talents, having MagicPop - extraordinary, magical spheres, which provide energy for the entire village Pixie. Feechkam helps band cute and funny magic animals. 

To revitalize the city, the elves, a group of vicious thugs, often faced with Pixie, in order to create chaos throughout the city and gnomes, sullen and suspicious characters, who are united by their insatiable passion for the economy, which turns them into real greedy. 

PopPixie already sold in more than 25 countries around the world, showing in Europe is planned for autumn 2010.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cool,isn't it?

Heeey guys,it was long time,yeaah right...;)...well look at this awesome FanPic i think we really could use fan fiction page on my blog,what do you think?  Anyway thi is awesome i really would like to see this in 5th season...^^

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cute Pics!!!

New Pic!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Fashion!

Spring is here, which means it’s time to bury the sequined tops, skirts and dresses, and update your closets with what’s in this season.
 There's no easier way to get the wow factor than with a maxi dress. Wear at the beach or the park with and gladiator flats.
The Seventies are back:  high-waisted denim and flouncy silk dresses and blouses are super!

Ankle boots! They're not easy to wear. The proportion of an ankle boot with a mid-calf, full skirt is all wrong: ankle boots look best as part of a leggy look, either with short skirt, skinny jeans or leggings. One of the easiest ways to wear ankle boots is to pair black shoes with black tights (and a black dress if you really want to go monochromatic.) Wearing ankle boots with socks is a practical idea (much less slippery than wearing with hose, less sweaty than wearing barefoot), but a peek of sock under a pair of slouchy casual ankle boots is cute.
Dark Denim Dress: Wear it bare-legged with wedges or paired with leggings on cooler days.

Plaid Shirt: a borrowed-from-the-boys look we love for this spring!
Hat trend! hats can be made of straw or of materials other than straw (cloth boaters with a flower pattern), and many of the hats have more decorations than just a simple ribbon (for example, ribbons with flowers or bows attached to them).
White VS Yellow: Yellow will be most popular color during the springtime among the favorite colors of 2010. Even though white is the most prefered color for the springtime, yellow will often be seen everywhere. Mimosa (the orange juice and champagne yellow) was named as the color of the year! You might not prefer to wear a bright yellow color though. In this case, I advise you to look for more subtle shades such as chartreuse or mustard.

How sensitive are you?

Here it is a little quiz to know yourself better! Answer 'Yes' or 'No' for each question! Concentrate…

Do you often feel the pain of others? 
Is your mood highly dependent on the moods of people around you?
Does 'reading-between-the-lines' come easily to you?
Are you very sensitive to noises around you?
Are you easily scared or startled?
Are you an animal lover?
Do you have hermit qualities, preferring solitude over parties?
Is care giving a natural response you give to anyone hurting?
Are you easily moved by an amazing song, film, or piece of art?
Do you consider yourself to be in harmony with nature: earth, water, skies?
Are you a good listener, compassionate to the needs of others?
Do you have an artistic bent or creative nature?

Now, count the number of times you answered “Yes”:
Yes: 0- 3 out of 12
So you're not exactly the most sensitive soul on the planet. You can get through pretty much any situation - and you expect others to as well!! You have a thick skin, and that makes you incredibly tough. In this way you’re far from pains, but also from passions…

Yes: 4- 7 out of 12
In general, you don't let your senses overwhelm you. You're pretty practical, and you're good at blocking out what's going on around you. However, you are still sensitive enough to enjoy all the beautiful things in the world!

Yes: 8- 11 out of 12
As far as sensitivity goes, you're a lot more in tune than most people. You can't help but be touched by what's around you - good and bad. But when things do get really bad around you, you are strong enough not to break down!

Yes: 12 out of 12
You’re very sensitive! You have wonderful imagination, you are creative, curious, a great organizer and problem solver. You are extremely conscientious but sometimes you care too much about what people think and you feel insecure. Tip: you’re special, this must be your strength!

Study Tips!

Start making some changes in your routine and improve your performance!

Take a look at this list of study tips and develop more effective and efficient study habits to help you improve your overall grades in school!

Write Down Every Assignment
The most logical place to write down your assignments is in a planner, but you might prefer to keep a to-do list in a simple notebook or in your cell phone note pad. It doesn't really matter what tool you use, but it is absolutely essential to your success to write down every single assignment, due date, test date, and task.

Organize With Color
Devise your own color-coding system to keep your assignments and your thoughts organized. You may select a single color for each class (like science or history) and use that color for your folder, your highlighters, your sticky notes, and your pens. You'll be surprised to discover how much strong organization skills can change your life!

Establish a Study Zone at Home
Take the time to assess your individual style and your real needs and plan for the perfect study place. After all, if you can’t concentrate, you certainly can’t expect to learn very well. Students are different. Some need a completely quiet room free from interruptions when they study, but others actually study better listening to quiet music in the background or taking several breaks. Find a place to study that fits your specific personality and learning style. Then stock your study space with school supplies that will help you avoid last-minute emergencies.

Try to not spend more than one hour at a time on any one subject. Try not to spend more than 20 to 30 minutes on memorization. Short blocks of time are the best method for studying and retaining information.

Similar subjects... separate times!
Try to study similar subjects at separate times. It is important to separate study periods for similar subjects. This adds variety to specific study times and keeps your brain alert and active.!

Healthy Food!!
Eat some food to give you energy to study but avoid consuming excess sugar which will make you hyper and will make it more difficult to study.

Listening to relaxing music such as classical or jazz on a low volume can relieve some of the boredom of studying.

Prepare Yourself for Test Days
You know that it's important to study for test days, right? But there are other things you should consider in addition to the actual material that the test will cover. What if you show up for test day and the room is freezing cold? For many students, this would cause enough of a distraction to interrupt concentration. That leads to bad choices and bad answers. Plan ahead for heat or cold by layering your clothing.

Take Fabulous Notes
There are a few tricks to taking fabulous notes that really help when it comes to studying. If you’re visual person, you should make as many doodles on your paper as you can. Useful doodles, that is. As soon as you realize that once topic relates to another, comes before another, is the opposite of another, or has any kind of connection to another—draw a picture that makes sense to you. Sometimes the information will not sink in until and unless you see it in an image. There are also certain code words to look out for in a lecture that can indicate that your teacher is giving you the relevance or the context of an event. Learn to recognize key words and phrases that your teacher deems important.

Games, Tv...
When you put things off a lot, you end up putting things off until it's too late from time to time. It's that simple. When you procrastinate, you take the chance that nothing will go wrong at the last minute--but in the real world, things do go wrong. So how can you battle the urge to put things off? Start with trying to recognize that a feisty little voice that lives inside every one of us. It tells us it would be more fun to play a game, eat, or watch TV when we know better. Don’t fall for it!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Winx Club

Cartoon serial "Winx Club" became famous in Italy in 2004.To make the project more commercially successful, the creators of the cartoon's aim released a series of complementary products. Dolls Winx bypassed popular Barbie. To attract the attention of children and their parents made them look like a person popular pop stars: Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce. Italian designers are developing even clothing for the characters.

under license from Rainbow SpA, Italy

Themes (most interesting of the new season IV):

- City girl WinX - 28 +1 cards with a list of cards in the topic;
- WinX Believix - 21 +7 card special metallic paint Glitter cards +1 with ch suit cards in the topic;
- Love and pets - 21 +1 card with a list of cards in the theme + 7 special metallic cards with animals;
- Rock band WinX - 12 +1 cards with a list of cards in the subject.

At the back of the cards - complete information on each character, stylish and fashionable. In total, the collection of 100 cards. 

Warning DVD with the first feature-length animated film WinX CLUB - premiere in Russia! The second animated feature - the premiere in theaters Russia in November 2010.Prepared broadcasts animated series in the channel STS.
-------------------------------------------------- -----
In total, the collection of 100 cards
Card Size 63 * 89 mm
In 1 bag (a set of cards) - 5 kartochekkorobochke (display) - 16 bags
In 1 box - 48 displays.

Promo-sales support
  • Advertising and embedding of samples of cards in circulation magazine Baby Pixie № 4 / 2010.
  • Commercials for the collection of cards and magazine Baby Pixie and embedding of samples of cards in circulation throughout Russia (200 000 copies) DVD with the first feature-length animated film WinX CLUB. Premiere in Russia only on DVD.
  • The second animated feature - the premiere in theaters Russia in November 2010.
  • Promotional activities at the Children's Radio "
  • Distribution of promotional cards WinX CLUB on Ice show «WinX on Ice»
Current broadcasts animated series on the channel STS.Some of the cards


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Angel Friends?Winx Friends?

Well there is an cartoon which came in fall in Italy and they kinda remind me on Winx i don't know why? This is not one of raibnows S.p.A cartoons,but its also from Italy just like Winx...looks like it mini-cartoon just like PopPixies 52x13minutes just like PopPixies maybe Iginio get idea for PopPixies mini show from them or they from Winx?Anyway we still don't know anything about it cause its not really like popular there is even no English episode and how there supose to be in my Serbian or there Russian,German or any other language,but there is still time,it looks interesting here is something from them! Enjoy! ^^ And is that really transformation there i mean its from mew mew power transformation song,like omg!And sorry look like i am wrong but Spa did product this i just found it but dind't wanted to edit...^^

New Poster!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~New Pop Pixie picturie~

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hiii guyss...well my blog is finally 1 year old...i still can remember moment when i was on my computer starting my own blog,i first thought i won't write even 2 weeks which was true,i didn't and then 2-3 months later i found the "Winx-Fairies" blog which gave me inspiration to countinue my blog.I start to write then soon so much news about Season 4,PopPixies,now season 5 and 2nd movie...Winx are one of best thing happened in my whole life.So i got more readers(now 8000-i took readers from 1st template cause then i removed widget) and i got more exited about all this.Just with with this blog and i met hundred peoples and maybe 10 of them really,really great friends for me.I hope you all enjoying in my blog and other OFC.I will write my blog still of course,so see ya...!!!^^

3DMovie!More news!

Already in October on the screens out a full-length 3D-animation Winx Club - Magic Adventure. Not every critic digest this title. Yet every mother who has a daughter aged 6-12, sigh, hearing the magic Winx. Who - with sadness about spent all this money, tinsel, and some with joy that the girl found herself a harmless hobby, out of which will sooner or later he grows up. In the animated series, which goes on TV in 130 countries, including Russia, tells about fairies and witches, who are studying in schools of magic.This artless intonation, which gave a start in commercial life graduates of various educational institutions - from the Academy of Mr to school Hogwarts, the Italian comic book artist and toon Idzhinio Straffi became the owner of one of the fruiting brands. And in the animated series about fairies was originally laid not a creative idea, but a niche business project, created exclusively for girls 6-12 years. Precision targeting led to the fact that the annual turnover of the empire Winx, which is young, just as her fans - only the seventh year went - now stands at 2 billion. This product across all market segments, ranging from the actual series, movie of, DVD, various shows, like "Winx on Ice", which was held here in March, the accompanying toys, books, magazines, clothing, cosmetics, school bags and finishing products everyday. Want diapers with our heroes - will you and diapers. After all, at stake - the market of children's goods, which, as you know, one of the five largest world industries.

Nevertheless, the company Rainbow, which sells licenses to Winx and several other serials brands, persevered and film production. It would seem, why? After all, the personal account of branded cartoon characters cinema brings mere penny. Think for yourself: cartoon "Winnie and Heffalump" in 2005 with a budget of 20 million collected in theaters almost 53 million dollars. Do you think this triumph? In fact, a bare profit from Disney's film distribution was an insignificant amount. Needless to dye transfer. For weekly reports on box office with fantastic figures - no more than data on cinema tickets sold. A simple example. In American practice, over a third of all profits are taken a cinema. And in Europe, this percentage can reach up to 60. The rest of the cash profits are taken to divide the producers and distributors. Deduct the television advertising and printing - are horns and hoofs. For example, in 2007, the weighted average capacity of a strong advertising campaign comedy or horror film in Hollywood was about 40 million dollars.Manufacturers of art-house pictures spent on creating an information field of the order of 26 million dollars on a movie. A budget of a blockbuster in the average ranged around 70 million dollars. So, as you wrote a well-known analyst of Hollywood Epstein: "Brave reports from the box-office front in most cases will be for the manufacturer is not more than the public reports of casualties." If in the distant 1948 the total income of the Hollywood industry was eight and a half billion dollars and this money has been made only on Cinemas, then in 2007, on revenues of 42 billion share of box office was only 20 per cent.

So why release a second film about the Winx (first collected in Italy, only 8 million, we have not been in theaters), especially in 3D-reincarnation? "The film in isolation, in terms of licensing the brand, does not guarantee a long interest - explained the" Results "Idzhinio Straffi - six months before reaching the screen and three to five months. The main thing is to sell a license to use the brand. Do you want to do business - engaged pervasive coverage of the market, producing all kinds of media products associated with it. stokes interest in motion picture production. "