Friday, March 30, 2012

Tips for being a great pet owner! [samo na englleskom]

Our pets are amazing additions to our lives and they enrich us in so many important ways! Pet caring hobby provides a rich experience to learn so many things and values in ones life. The benefits you got through pet keeping are countless and the following points give us a brief idea of what we derive out of this great hobby.
-Pet caring will help you to learn about the attitude of responsibility.
-It helps you to learn how to take care about others.

-It will help you to learn an attitude of patience.
-Pet caring will help you to learn about the various aspects of animals like theirnature, diet habits, their behavioral aspects etc.,
So how can we repay our pets given that they give us so much? Surely there is more that we can do than just feed them.-Using metal water dishes outside in winter may be a risk, because your pet's tongue could stick to the frozen metal. In the summer medal bowls can get very hot, and burn your dog. Water should be changed at least twice daily in the supplying container.
-Scheduled mealtimes are usually regarded as better for your puppy than free feeding where the dogfood bowl is always filled with food. The advantages of scheduled feeding include the fact that pets that eat at scheduled times tend to be less obese than free-fed pets. Your puppy should also see that YOU, the pet owner, are the food giver. This will help your puppy see you as the leader of the house or the ‘alpha dog’ which can help with behaviour problems.
-Do not make your dog walk on extremely hot or cold asphalt, cement, etc... the pads of their pawsare not made out of steel! If it is too hot for you to walk barefoot, then chances are that it is too hot for your dog, also.
-Rub him behind his ears. If he is into this, he will lean his head into your hand and pretty much guide you to where he wants to be patted and scratched.
-Not all pets are good choices for all people. Some pets need more space, more exercise, more interaction, have more health problems, have exotic diets etc. Buy a book or do some research online BEFORE you get a pet so that you know what to expect.
-Most pets need human attention. When we take them home, we become their surrogate families and they depend on us for attention and interaction.
-Adventure! Mostly for dogs, this means getting your dog used to the outside world and different people, objects, riding in cars, meeting other dogs etc. This is best done at a young age so that your pet is less fearful of new experiences!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stella Official Wallpaper / Stela zvanicni desktop tapet

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Monday, March 26, 2012

'Winx Love Nature' Bed Sheets / 'Winx vole prirodu' posteljine

Thanks MagiaDelWinx!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Winx Club Rockstar/SuperStars 2 on Nintendo / Winx SuperZvezde 2 na Nitendu

It says 'RockStar 2'
Hmm,wasnt last 'thing' called Winx in Concert?:P

*Thanks WinxFaeries

Roxy WILL be in Season 5 and it is for sure/Roxy ce SIGURNO biti u 5.sezoni

Click on to enlarge/Pritisni sliku da se automatski poveca
 - - -
Anywho,does this means Roxy is definitely going to be in season 5,YES.We already had one confirmation about that,so and but,i guess now it is 100% sure,and it means she will actually have one of not so  main roles in the show since we'll be only see her in school!? ( : 
- - -
Svejedno,ovo nam je sada 100% sigurnost da ce se Roksi pojavljivati i u 5-oj sezoni. A,evo sta je Moli napisala:
"Jako su cool [sassy-divne,pune sebe,pune energije] !!! Sutra radimo grupno snimanje epizode 'Sezona 5-Epizoda 25' i tako je dobra.
Roksini fanovi ce  je vidjati u skoli.MIslim da ce Vinks-Winx fanovi obozavati-voleti 5.sezonu.
Ovo znaci da ce se Roxy SIGURNO pojavaljivati u petoj sezoni,tako da Roksini fanovi,budite srecni. :P 

Nickelodeon & Winx Club :The Secret of The Lost Kingdom on DVD-Pre-order / Winx Club:Tajna Izgubljenog Kraljevstva na DVD-u

Winx Club:TheSecret Of The Lost Kingdom is up for pre-order on amazon.
If you wanna order or view DVD on ' Amazon ' click here.
Obviously,it's all provided by,one and only,Nickelodeon. ^^
- - -
Winx Club:Tajna Izgubljenog Kraljevstva,illi kako je billo original kod nas ' Magija Vinksa : Tajna Izgubljenog Kraljevstva ' mozete da porucite na amazonu. Pritisnite ovde ako zelite da vidite vise od DVD-u,ili pak da ga porucite. :)

*Thanks UnaDiNoi

Friday, March 23, 2012

NEW,NEW,NEW Picture of Sirenix and Info! NOVE,NOVE,NOVE slike Sireniks-a,i informacije!

Remember when on Wikipedia,there was some "Christmas Special" ,well looks like it wasn't a rumor after all. :)
Secate se kada je na Wikipediji pisalo "Specijalna Bozicna Epizoda" ,izgleda da je bilo istina. :)

Sirenix (Season 5) Ability to use their powers under water. 
-Hmm so that's all?:O
-  - -
Sirenix ( sezona 5), Mogucnost da koristie svoje moci ispod vode.
-Hmm,to je sve!?:O

xo xo

Thanks WCE(Winx ClubEpisodios)and RickyD.  for pictures

The Power Of Believix On Nick May 6th / Moć Biliviksa na Niku .Maja

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(will open in new window/otvorice se u novom prozorcicu)

Pa izgleda da nas je Nik o5 prevario. Pošto je prvo trebalo dea počne u Martu,ali dobro sve je vredno čekanja,ne? A,i svakako mi iz Srbije i dalje ni ne možemo da pratimo pošto vi nemamo Nik. Čuo sam da Hrvatska je dobila Nickelodeon,pa možda posle o5 i kod vas krene. 
- - -
Nickelodeon. I cannot believe they changed date. I mean it never was some official date,but they've said it's gonna start in March. Anywho,it's all worth waiting,now isn't it?:D

xo xo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Official Flora Wallpaper realised / Novi desktop tapet Flora

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JAKKS Pacific 2012 Girls Toys Highlights -SAMO na engleskom-

Winx Club

Winx Club, the hot new Nickelodeon show, is an animated modern fantasy adventure series that follows six best friends – Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha – enrolled in Alfea College, the finest fairy school in all the realms. When trouble arises, the Winx Club transform into beautiful fairies who use their unique magical powers to fight villains and save the world from evil. Now you can collect all the fairies and relive their magical adventures with the new line of dolls, play sets and role-play items from JAKKS Pacific and Creative Designs International!

The 11.5” Basic Fashion Dolls feature the Winx Club girls in their fashion-forward ‘everyday’ outfits straight from the show. With seven points of articulation and a beauty brush included, you can style your friends for a fabulous night out. Available in two Collections, Concert and Everyday. (SRP $12.99) The 11.5” Deluxe Fashion Dolls feature the six friends with eleven points of articulation, super deluxe trend-setting outfits and spectacular hinged wings showcasing beautiful Believix style. (SRP $19.99)

Girls can rock out with their Winx Club dolls on the Winx Club Rock Concert Stage. Complete with music, sounds and an exclusive Bloom doll, it’s a great place for a Winx Club concert. (SRP $39.99)

A must-have for all Winx Club fans, the Magic Wing Bloom Feature Doll allows you to be in control of Bloom’s Believix transformation! Place Bloom in the Transformation Station, slide the lever to see magical lights, hear the Believix song and see Bloom spin as her wings attach and she transforms into a Believix fairy. With your help, she can fly off onto her next thrilling adventure. (SRP $29.99)

Offering all the best in girl power is our new line up of Winx Club 3.75” Action Dolls, available in Believix and Concert themes. With nine points of articulation and fine details, these mini dolls are super poseable, highly collectible and each comes with an accessory. (SRP $7.99) The Winx Club 3.75” Action Dolls are perfect to play with on the Winx Club Frutti Music Bar Playset. This cool, iconic environment features music, a dance stage, a transformation chamber and a place to shoot dragon flame/fire? powers and battle evil villains. (SRP $29.99)

Building on the diverse Winx Club doll line, Creative Designs International (CDI) has created a beautiful assortment of musical toys, role-play dresses and fairy wings for girls who want to transform themselves into their favorite Winx Club character.

With all new original Winx Club music backed by Nickelodeon’s star talent, CDI has created fabulous products to bring out the inner rock star in all Winx Club fans. Practice your moves before you head to the Frutti Music Bar! The Winx Club Dance Mat allows you to dance to the beat of three signature Winx Club songs. Icons light up on the console to show you where to step on the mat. Comes with speakers, three tempos and volume control. The perfect gift for any aspiring dancer! (SRP $29.99)

Rock out with your very own Winx Club Rock Star Guitar! The signature guitar shape and built-in Winx Club songs are perfect to play along to. Guitar features light up strings and neck; as well as bass, drum and keyboard buttons for more interactive fun! Also includes guitar pick necklace that you can play your guitar with. Style the guitar to make it your very own with trendy stickers, included. (SRP $29.99)

Sing along to your favorite Winx Club song with the Winx Club Rock Star Microphone! A Winx Club song is already built into the mic or you can plug in your MP3 player to sing along with your favorite songs. Glitter printed wing designs make this microphone edgy and fabulous! (SRP $14.99)

The Winx Club Believix Dress Assortment comes in styles modeled after the dresses Bloom, Stella and Flora wear on the show. Bold colors, deluxe fabrics and fashion-forward designs make these a must-have for all Winx Club fans! (SRP $19.99) Add to the beauty of the Winx Club role-play dresses with the Winx Club Sparkling Wings Assortment, featuring iconic, deluxe Believix wing designs with prints signature to Bloom, Stella and Flora. Girls will fall in love with the glitter prints and bold colors! (SRP $9.99)

A fabulous tutu and beautiful set of fairy wings all in one? Fantastic! The Transforming Tutu Assortment magically transforms from chic skirt into Believix tutu complete with gorgeous wings! Comes in four signature styles: Bloom, Aisha, Stella and Flora. (SRP $19.99), Ages 4+

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Thanks FBPage of  "Winx Forever La sfida non finisce mai" 
and Richard guy from facebook who took photos...

Click on pictures to enlarge them / Pritisnite na slike da se uvecaju

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winx Club Safari Season 5 Odeca/Outfit

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bloom "City Gurl" Wallpaper / Blum "Gradska Devojka" slika

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winx Club Casopis br. 16 [Februar] / Winx Club Serbian Comics no.16 [February issue]

Pritisnite na sliku da se uveca !Click on picture so it gets bigger!

Ne znam zasto,ali ovaj broj JAKO je kasno stigao na 'trziste' lolz Tek pre 5-6 dana...
The issue was running REALLY late this time,since it is February issue,but it came out like 5-6 days ago...

Mala 'Biliviks' torbicica-novcanik / Little ' Believix ' purse-wallet!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Winx Club Season 4 will air in USA this March! Sezona 4 stize u Amriku ovog Marta.

Yeah,awesome right. Thanks for picture to BIW. ;)
SRB Translation:

" Molly C.Quinn,Official Fan Site : Ne znam kada ce cetvrta sezona stici u Venecuelu. Cula sam danas od Nikovog Pi-Ara [menadzera] da planiraju cetvru sezonu Winx Club u Martu,ovde [Americi] .  "

Here is the trailer!


Pop Pixies Hanging out In Serbia ![the show] Поп Пикси се играју у Србији!


Click on the pictures to enlarge them / Притисните на слике да се повећају! 

For Even more pictures of "Pop Pixies Show in Serbia" visit OUR Pop Pixies Page! Ako zelite da vidite jos slika ,udjite na NASU Pop Piksi Stranicu sa strane,ill jednostavnim klikom na OVO.

Поп Пикси Бесплатан купон,у часопису "ЛИЛИ" / Free Coupons Pop Pixies,

Свој бесплатни купон можете добити уѕ најновији број часописа "ЛИЛИ" .
Као што видите,добићете прелепе стикере,а уз то и купоне од  -10%попуста на СВЕ производе или од -20% попуста на све "Поп Пикси" производе у продавницама "OFY TOY LAND" .
 [ ] .

The Free Coupons of -10% on all products,and -20% on ALL POP PIXIES products can be found on Serbian Teen Magazin "LILI" . 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Believix ' Group ' Wallpaper / Sllika ' Grupni ' Biliviks

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It's okay Roxy,but to cut - out Tecna.This was 2 much even 4 then. I mean REALLY WINX CLUB STUFF!? This is wrong. Im not some Ultra-Fan of Tecna or Roxy,but T. was part of Winx since Season 1,not 4 like R. 

 - - - 
Preteralli su ga! Ajde sto su izbacivalli Roksi iz slika,s' obzirom da je ona doslla tek u najnovijoj 4.Sezoni prikazivnoj na Happy kod nas,alli Tehna je sa nama,tj. u Vinksu jos od sezone 1. Tako da 'Winx Stuff' ovo stvarno NIJE u redu. 

xo xo Jovan. ♥

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Winx Club Seaon 5 Official Poster / Zvanicni poster 5.Sezone

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Its My Birthday 2day,March 7th! Da,moj rodjenda je,7Mart. : D

Yeyeyey,that's all. All guest now are gone,so i have time to tell you that lolz Bye. ^___^

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rainbow Magic Land 30Seconds Spot /Reinbovlend 30-sekundni spot

Aisha/Layla,Tecna & Musa Believix Group 2. /Nova Bilivks slika 2.

Click on picture to get full size/Pritisnite na sliku da bude veca