Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winx Club in Japan/China or Korea!? :D Vinks u Japanu/Kini illi Korei!?

EDIT: It's South Korea. ;D

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stella,Bloom & Flora Official Group Believix Wallpaper/Nova slika Bilivks

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winx Club Official : Bloom Believix Wallpaper 2 / Blum Bilivks slika 2

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*Thanks for anonymous tip. :} ♥
*Hvalla za annonimnu dojavu. :} ♥

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winx Posters Serbia! Winx Club Posteri u Srbiji!

Part of Winx Comics Special Editions/Deo Winx Club 3D:Carobna Avantura Specijal izdanja casopisa.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winx France Comics/Novi Vinks Klub Francuski casopis


Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Srecan Dan Zaljubljenih! :D

Monday, February 13, 2012

Winx Frutti Music Proizvodi / Winx Club Frutti Music Products

Big thanks to Winx Club All.  (:

inx Club:The Secret Of The Lost Kingdom

Winx Club:The Secret Of The Lost Kingdom! Feb. 26th! 12/11c! Only On Nick! / Na Niku 26. Februara!

Winx Club Dolls New York Toy Fair Winx Club Preview / Winx Lutke iz Njukorka

They said "New season coming THIS SPRING! :D :O ^_______^ Reklli su da nova sezona dollazi OVOG PROLLECA! ^______^ :D :O

Friday, February 10, 2012

Winx Club Dolls with Pets Nuremberg Toy Fair Review / Winx Lutke Sa Zivotinjicama iz Love & Pets kollekcije

OMG,And look closely at some parts they show "Flora of Winx Club" on Sirenix poster and there's a little bit of Yellow sirenix,which im just guessing it is Stella's it is like something between yellow and orange. ;D --- Dadada,u nekim delovima mozete videti pola verovatno Stelinog Sirenixa,s' obzirom da je zuto-narandazsto,svetllo narandzasto. ;D takodje pise "Flora of Winx Club" na jednom delu sirenxa. ;D

Winx Club USA 2012 Dolls / Winx lutke u US. 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"New" Inormations about Winx Club Season 5! "Nove" novosti o 5 sezoni Winx !

  •    #1 show in it's time slot with Girls 2-11
  • 40 new episodes (meaning series 5 + 6) with CG animation in development. 
  • US Consumer Products launches in Fall 2012 Jakks pacific including toys,apparels,video games and DVD's and more!
  • International consumer products program launches in Fall 2012. 

  • Prvi crtani koji ima devojke od 2-11
  • 40 Novih epizoda [ukljucuje 5 i 6 sezonu] novom CG animacijom u razvoju.
  • U Americi na jesen izlazice Winx Club proizvodi u vidu igracka,lutaka,videa,DVD,igrica i jos mnogo toga .. .
  • Prozivodi ce izaci na jesen 2012. 
Ah,zamallo da zaboravim,hvalla BeliveInWinx.

New Tecna of Winx Club Official Wallpaper , Nova Vinks Klub zvanicna slika Tehna

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Musa Official Wallpaper / Mjuza Sllika

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Layla & Teachers Problems Article!

Hello! At school, do you have a teacher who does not give you a moment's peace? Just follow this guide! First of all, however, you must be as objective as possible. Has your teacher really singled you out, or is it just your impression? Most of the time it's because of how you're acting! You might not believe it, but maybe it's because you really want the teacher's attention!
The demanding teacher
He knows that you can do better, and punishes you because you don't put your nose to the grindstone. This teacher isn't interested in what you can do, only how hard you try! Try to tell the teacher that a higher grade will motivate you to do more. Maybe the teacher will see that you're interested and give you at least half a letter grade!

The uncompromising teacher
Just dodge one question or miss a day of class and your grade will suffer! The teacher feels the need to be recognized by his or her students. That's why these things make the teacher agitated: the teacher feels like you don't have any respect. A defense mechanism leads the teacher to be harsh in order to establish his authority. If you are not prepared for class, don't make excuses or tell lies, just tell the truth. At least your teacher won't think you're up to no good.
The bad grade teacher
Kindly ask your teacher to explain the basis on which he or she assigns grades. For example, how much do you lose for each mistake? And when writing essays, is the meaning more important than spelling and grammar? This way, you'll know what you have to do to get a better grade, and the teacher will know you're paying attention to his marks.
The teacher who always calls on you
Is this a pop quiz? Is the teacher calling on you a thousand times just to give you an opportunity to show what you've learned, or is the teacher only giving you the chance to make a mistake that will hurt your grade? Ask the teacher exactly how class participation figures into your grades. How are you graded on the questions you answer in class? If answering a lot of little questions gets you a better grade in the class, that's a good thing!
5 mistakes you can make when dealing with teachers
-Don't complain about one teacher to other teachers -- you just look like a gossip girl!
-Don't involve your parents over every little thing. Show your teachers you're mature enough to face your school problems by yourself.
-Don't compare yourself to you classmates, you'll look like someone with a big ego.
-Don't call in absent when there's a test or quiz. Your teachers will think you don't take them seriously.
-Don't give up after you get a bad grade. You're teachers will think you're lazy!