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Winx Club Turkish Succes!

Also got it from Believe in Winx :)

Follow The Rainbow! Winx Specials ARE real!

BelieveInWinx Credits

Winx Club are Second!

Well altough my last post already said that,yeah and here is a picture.Which i really don't now where is from,i got it from BelieveInWinx ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lose population!? :O

Winx continue to lose population in the world. Russia is the second brand in more than
successful ever, second only to the brand Disney Princess.

The magazine Total Licensing Magazine Winter 2011, page 73, presents the
list of the 10 best-selling brand in Russia:

1 Disney Princess
Winx Club 2
3 Winnie the Pooh
4 Smeshariki
5 Mickey Mouse
6 Cars
7 Spider Man
8 Luntik
9 Bakugan
10 Barbie

Also at the Total Licensing on page 74:

The Second Most Popular Brand Was Winx Club, and the third Was Winnie the
Pooh. ... As Explained Already, RIO License is the country's only 100%
Russian licensing agency. The success of RIO, Which Has Been since 2009
exclusive agent of the Winx Club, is Proved by the promotion of the Winx
Club brand. During 2009 - 2010 the range of licensed products Winx
Dramatically expanded, and Increased cash flow 10 times.

And not just in Russia, also in Turkey is booming Winx
outperforming Barbie and Shrek, here the Total Licensing page 70:

Winx Club Was Launched first in 2004 into a market dominated by Which Was
Barbie as the girl's property in Turkey. It Seemed impossible to overtake
the success of Barbie - girls adored it and the trade worshiped it.
However, the situation Was, It Was Discovered, two largely to the fact
That Were there no alternatives.

Filma Ltd Decided to focus on the key values of Winx Club Such as magic,
fashion and friendship. Two months before the TV and magazine launch,
They Launched the Winx Club Turkish web site Which Was advertised through
the Internet. Winx Club Was The First To Have Kids brand ITS own website
in the local language, it was very important Because until that time the
Were the only websites for children game sites. With the advent of the
Winx Club site, kids in Turkey Suddenly Had A website WHERE They Could
learn things as well as play. The content of the website Was unique.
Girls welcomed this approach and visits to the site boomed after the
television and magazine launch.

The first category Was Launched to Emphasize the fashion bags fashion
Which aspect of the brand concept Was supported with display windows at
different stores in different locations. Looked for Licensees who filmed
They share the Same Enthusiasm felt for Winx Club And Also That Licensees
did not hold a lot of properties.

These different strategies Proved to be successful: One Year Later Winx
Club Was the girl's number one brand in Turkey.

Today, six years after launch ITS, Winx Club Was Awarded Best Girl's
By Property Association's Kid's Brands Carried out research over 20.000
Kids in Turkey.

Films created in the mall Activities Most popular mall in Turkey, meet
and greet sessions, in That TV commercial advertised the products of four
Licensees under the banner of Winx Magical World, Sampling Activities,
live TV shows and TV programs.

One Of The Most Successful Was promotions related to the first movie Winx
in 2008. Most popular films arranged for the Turkish Among girls band
Kids and Tweens - Grup Hepsi - to sing the lead song for the movie and
They Also shot a music video combining scenes from the band and the
movie. They Launched through the clips and music channels online. This
helped to broaden the audience beyond traditional Winx fans. The movie
Was 250,000 admissions and enjoyed the best animated movie of the year in
2008. For the second movie soundtrack Filma Also used celebrities. The
Were opening weekend ticket sales 105.000 Which Was Higher Than Shrek.

The TV ratings for Winx Club Have Been outstanding. Reached at the show
3.1 rating and 20.8% share Amongst individuals. On the product side,
Sales Have Also Been High. Winx Club to date has sold 400,000 DVDs, 1.5
million magazines, watches 330000, 1 million school bags, 1 million
fashion bags and 250,000 sets of bed linen.

For 2011, Films is working on the launch of PopPixie. This will be
broadcast on one of the Most Popular National TV channels early this year
and the launch of the toys will be through one of the strongest toy
distributors. That films are very confident this new brand will add to
the success of the Rainbow brands in Turkey. "
Credits (Thanks anon) for tip : Michaels's favorites and this forum . . .

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winx Special (4x60) + Rainbow and Winx toyline to Nuremburg!

Winx Specials (4 x 60) 2011 is certainly the Year of the Winx! The recent deal with Nickelodeon heads up a landslide of new Winx activity, starting with four brand new one hour specials to launch on Nickelodeon worldwide this year. In order to bring Winx Fans up to date with the wonderful ways and going on of the Winx, Rainbow and Nickelodeon are co-producing four specials that will summarize Series One, Two and Three. The specials will be produced in 2D in the glitzy style of Series Four, with a budget 3 million USD.

In Series One the Winx Club was formed by a group of close friends at Alfea College. The dynamic group discover their Fairy powers and, together with the Specialists (their male counterparts), they tackle the difficulties of life at college. Series Two sees the addition of Layla as well as the magical Pixies, who help against the treachery of Lord Drakar, bent on conquering the realm of Magix! In Season Three the Fairies are in their last year of college when they will qualify as full fledged fairies – while dealing with a whole new cast of characters and enemies alike.
At the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Fair Rainbow SpA will present its Princess of the Fairy Kingdom toy line, featuring a range of new glamorous and original toys based on its brand new stereoscopic 3D feature film, Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure.  The line features a Bloom & Peg toy based on Bloom’s new horse companion, and several fashion doll lines inspired by the outfits the fairies don throughout the film: whether on Earth, holding court in Domino castle or training with the Specialists on their magical sea-faring galleon, the Winx (and their dolls) always look their best!

From BelieviInWinx

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Collection of Winx Products!Novi Winx proizvodi! ^-^

New Winx Fashion Rock and Pixie Collection! Nova Winx Moda!

Pitti Bimbo 2011: Rainbow and Blueberry are the new collections Winx
Club and PopPixie

Rainbow, content production company that creates animation and multimedia
dedicated to children and young people internationally recognized, and
Blueberry, an official licensee for the lines and PopPixie WinxClub 10/11,
have its world premiere at Pitti Bimbo, the new autumn collections
- Winter 2011/2012.

Rainbow and Blueberry are a real riot of color and sweetness
expressed in 4 collections WinxClub glamorous names - Rock Star, Romantic
dream, '80 & Pet Love, Lovely Folk - and 3 brand new and hot collections
PopPixie - Trendy Glam, Magic PopPixie and Sweet Cupcake - inspired by his
to Pixie, the magical mini fairy creatures and their fantasy world, the
whose adventures are broadcast on RAI 2.

The collections by Blueberry WinxClub have a romantic look and sophisticated
for the first theme, played in shades of powder pink, gray and mottled
black, with touches of milk to light up a palette and chic decisament
and women. The romantic mood of the graphics, reminiscent of precious
cameos, goes well with soft and modeling for a contemporary mix
elegant and casual at the same time.

Inspiration for the theme decidedly Eighties 80s & Pet Love offering
overlap and strong contrasting colors like black and pink for
a look that recalls the atmosphere of "Flashdance." The stars of the
the little friends of the Winx graphics that accompany them on all of them,
bringing their sweetness and light of a thousand colored rhinestones. And finally here
Bloom, Stella and Flora perform in a rock session on the streets of
city! Look tough and strong, bold colors and fashion models,
played with one color shaded graphics made from super cool glitter
silver and touches of bright red foil.

The magical world of PopPixie revived in the collection where small
fairies are placed on a colored background and milk in a powder pink
enchanted. The light illuminates golden fleece garments instead of the theme,
proposed in a deep eggplant color and embellished with rhinestones and crystal
golden studs.

Sweet Cupcake is the theme played by the glamorous sporty-style in shades of
mottled gray and black currant, combined with a fun print effect
mimetic from which Lockette, Love and Chat they wink
(Funny the pins!). United on the basis of the fleece and stretch jersey
PopPixie between studs shine colored lights and glitter sparkling...

Is this Roxy's Actual Love and Pet Outfit?

Pic is from DeviantArt
Ignore Flora,and focus on Roxy XD We already saw this outfit on pics,so is it her actual official Love and Pet Outfit?

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New German Poster! Novi nemacki poster!

From Winx--Believix! But um "Acuh in 2D" !? WT...:/

Some Interesting things you maybe didn't now! Nesta sto niste mozda znallI!

Mediaset in two months has earned € 100 million with the Italian cinema including 3D Winx Club Magical Adventure.

Here is the article:

Mediaset group: five Italian titles and collection of 100 mln

October 1 to date, the Mediaset Group has launched five Italian films to earn an income of around EUR 100 million. "An investment in production and distribution, with results that, for the cinema industry in Italy, can be considered exceptional. Starting from the number of spectators who flocked to the cinemas to see films of the Italian group Mediaset: more than 15 million - according to a press - the new editorial line drawn from Mediaset focused on Italian cinema has contributed to the high level results. "

These collections made by several films in order of output: Welcome to the South for 30 million, over 3 million for Winx Club Magic-3D adventure, more than 8 for A Christmas Bride, 21.5 for the band of Santas, 31 , 5 What a beautiful day.
The film Winx Club Magical Adventure 3-D is among the 20 most popular films of 2010! Wow!
From Michael's Favorites 2

Risk-averse networks also turned to brands with built-in equity in 2010; Nickelodeon signed up for an all-new Power Rangers, as well as the established global hit Winx Club; Cartoon Network signed up for a series based on the hit movie How to Train Your Dragon; and Disney XD gave the green light to a show based on Tron. Other well-known brands that have been, or are being, updated include Voltron, Maya the Bee, The Cat in the Hat, Peter Pan and Le Petit Prince

                                                                   - Serbian-
Mediast je za dva meseca zaradio € 100 milliona,pomocu Italijanksog bioskopa,koji ukljucuje i Vinks Klub:Magicna Avantura.
Od prvog Oktobra izbacilli su pet fillmova,a neki od njih koji je bio Vinks Klub 3D:Magicna Avantura 3 milliona evra,sto je nize od ostallih,alli on je jedini bio animirani,mada i to je veoma puno.
Takodje najnoviji fillm Winxica- Winx Club 3D:Magicna Avantura,jedan je od najpopularnijih,tacnije u top 20 usao! WoW :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winx Club Products 2011! Winx porzivodi 2011!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Visit an actual RainbowMagicLand site and blog!

                Click Here To visit The Site!
                 Klikni ovde da posetis Sajt! 

                  Click here to visit a Blog!
                  Klikni ovde da posetis Blog!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rainbow MagicLand

Where is the magic that gives the paint color of the world? It's all here in Ranbow MagicLand, where a rainbow shows all his incredible strength! The new park will be opened in Italy in the spring of 2011. Jobs is in full swing - the main building has been made. "Finally, my heroes lived, created in this wonderful park! "- said the director of Rainbow SpA Iginio Straffi. "I wanted to create a place where my characters would be able to "Come alive", and now the dream has come true! "Iginio Straffi confirmed that the spotlight in the park will be presented to it the most popular project "Winx Club" and "Pixie", as well as some characters from his cartoons for teens. 

Alarm clock. Soap. Buns. Bus. Bench. Books. Facilities ... All these live every day, most students around the world. But if we go into the magical world Magiks, then make the return. Especially in Alfea, the castle, which is considered the best school of magic for you! In it you can learn all the secrets of magic, some of which are magical metamorphoses pozionologiya, magifilosofiya, cognitive analysis similarity of magic ... And this is just a small part of the studied school items! Also, the school has a laboratory for the most incredible and magical experiments, a huge library with all books for Subject spells.
The line between wise use and abuse of magic is very vague - teachers, of course, are the mentors of their students, but keep control over them hard enough! With the world we Magiks see the differences between ordinary schools and schools of magic ... Nevertheless, as in ordinary schools, Alfea students and students are also late awake, talking during class and always willing to sit through the whole Day books! But that's another story ... 

With the help of the park "Magic Land"you can visit the world Magiks, learning the basics of magic in the famous school for fairies Alfea where you can find a planetarium, a magical place that can learn the secrets of heaven through educationaldocumentaries in 4D.

-Contet and writting CrazyChild-MagiaDelWinx
Sve u svemu rec je o jednom divnom mestu,sllicno kao dizni lend,samo sto ce ovde biti stvari i likovi iz kompanije Rainbow,sto znaci RainbowMagicLand.I otvara se ovog prolleca u 2011 godini u Italiji.To je prosto divno,ja bih stvarno isao tamo.Mada za Italiju ne bi treballo da je mnogo skup put i to,kao npr za Diznilend koji je u Americi :) Dosta ljudi iz Srbiji vec je posetillo Rim,stari divan grad.I bas tamo cini mi se bice Winx Alfija u koju ce se sigurno i moci uci.Takodje cullo se da ce se i delliti bozanstveni Winx poklloncici.I naravno ne samo WInx vec i mnogo  drugih poklona iz drugih crtaca Rainbowa kao npr Hultik cini mi se da se zove.Vise o tome saznace se u skorije vreme.Vec sam pisao par postova o ovome i dosta se zna vec,alli je na englleskom,alli uskoro imacemo prillike da vidimo vise sllika i sve to.Alli,naravno u MagicLandu najvise ce se sve vrteti oko Winx i Pixija zato sto su oni njih najpopullarniji show :D

New things in avatar shop!Nove stvari u avatar shopu!

And this week’s update ( 13 January 2011) for Web Avatar includes :
  • Layla Frutti Watermelon Bag
  • Tecna Love&Pet Capri Pants
  • Layla Frutti Shorts
  • Bloom Frutti Lacy Skirt
  • Elegant Ballroom Gown
  • Elegant Princess Gown
  • Oriental Dress
  • Musa Love&Pet Sporty Dress
  • Stella Love&Pet Platform Heels
  • Tecna Love&Pet Wedge Shoes
  • Layla Frutti Platform Shoes
  • Bloom Frutti Platform Shoes
  • Tecna Love&Pet Stylish Roxy Cap
  • Stella Love&Pet Bolera Jacket
  • Tecna Love&Pet Stylish Jacket
  • Stella Enchantix Dress Set
  • Tecna Enchantix Dress Set
  • Stella Love&Pet Lacy Ankle Socks
  • Pajamas Cotton Socks
  • Tecna Love&Pet Tank Top
  • Layla Frutti Halterneck
  • Bloom Frutti Lacy Top
  • Layla Believix Wings
  • Bloom Believix Wings
Do you like 'em,will you buying any? Da lli vam se svidjaju,da lli cete kupiti nesta?
If so be free and don't forget to send me your avatar pic (remember this) to be posted on my home page,so then we could have here on my blog,and "Avatar Of Month" but it will be only if you guys send me one of yours so,email of mine is clear i guess,but still - Moj mail.
Ako da onda nemojte zaboraviti da mi posaljete slliku vaseg avatara (ako se secate ovoga) i sllika vaseg avatara pojavice se na mojoj Home page.Takodje mozda ucestvujete u "Avatar Meseca"-nova igra/

New Winx:Keisha? Nova Winx:Keiša?

First thanks Ella from Winx 4Life for great news about season 5,6(7) you'll read ^^
Article from Nick and More...
"Keke Palmer, star of Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP, will be starring in and producing Ragz, a music-oriented Nickelodeon teen movie, scheduled for a 2012 premiere. Palmer will also be providing the voice of Keisha in new episodes of Winx Club, which is also scheduled to premiere in 2012 on Nickelodeon.

The full press release via Interscope Records follows:
Teen Star Keke Palmer to Shine in 2011 With New Interscope Album and Roles in an Upcoming TV Series and Three Films
In addition, she will record this year the voice of Keisha, one of the magical fairies in the Nickelodeon animated action and fantasy series “Winx Club,” a hugely popular franchise with young girls worldwide that will debut in 2012 with new episodes in the U.S. Set in the mystical dimension of Magix where three schools educate modern fairies, witches and supernatural warriors from around the universe, “Winx Club” first aired in Italy six years ago and became an international phenomenon."
- My oponion- -Moje misljenje- (na srpskom skoroz dolle) ;]
Personally and honestly i would not want a NEW WINX fairy,she can be maybe new girl that will came to those that were in room,at start of season 4 when winx came to Alfea.As we know Layla DID became winx in season 2,so since its "their first season" (of girl in winxes room) maybe she will came to them,as Layla came to Winx.I really hope you all understood what i wanted to say.I hope that those girlz wont be like main characters in other seasons.But i dont think so.But something i would guess is that they will be shown again,since winx will be in Magix again,in Alfea i would guess right.
And my 2nd oponion IS like urs that they OR they kinda mixed up-changed her name from Aisha(original italian) to Keisha.I mean com' on they rime.It wouldnt really be "cool" that we have Aisha and Keisha,only if they were sisters,which they are not,cause we all now that Layla was lonely when she was little sooo...and maybe if she IS Keisha new winx,then english and ohter would call her "Kayla" i mean you know the mix "Aisha=Layla--Keisha=Kayla" i mean i guess that we will need to wait a while :[ but i really hope she wont be new winx,cause i mean 8 girlz is too much!?
And author of Una Di Noi said that she/he hope that there wont be changed any names,if they change Aisha/Layla to Keisha that they wont change others so and i really hope that they wont change all names -.^ Stella <3 And not just her,all names ARE kinda cute and origianl :D
Necu mnogo prevesti,sorry,tako me izmorillo evo pisanje,all ajde probacu nesta svojim recima :D
Pa nacullo se da ce u novoj/novim sezoni/sozonama 5,6(7) koje ce se u saradnji sa programom Nickeleodon-om i kompanijom Rainbow pojaviti u SAD u 2012 godini pojaviti nova vila,alli ne mora da znaci i winxica Keisha.Jos nije sigurno da lli ce ona biti nova winx,nova obicna studentkinja u Alfiji,nova obicna villa illi cak zamenica Lejle ALI ono sto se zna,jeste da ce se svakako pojaviti,posto ce joj davati gllas poznata Nick gllumica Keke Palmer.Pa to je sve za sada.Ako ne znate dobro englleski da prevedete tekst gore,pokusajte koristiti Google Translator ;]

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winx Club 2011 Kalendar-Calendar :]

Monday, January 10, 2011

New!Pop Pixie Italian Opening! :D

Rainbow Magic Land-The Magic Is Coming-

Winx Der Film site

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winx Magica Avventura on Blu-Ray ^^

Aweesomme!Winx 2nd movie soon will be on Blu-Rayyy :D

Friday, January 7, 2011

PopPixie English Opening-Engleska uvodna spica Pop Piksi

New Thing on Winx Adventure!Nove stvari u Winx Adventure!

What do you guys think about them?About whole Winx Adventure?Do you like it?Are they little too expensive,i mean casue of golden coins or RC's?You know coins that can be bought only by real money,by credit card!? I think that they are!Da lli vam se svidjaju?Illi da lli vam se svdija uopste cella igrica kao igrica?Da lli su mallo previse skupi,kad kazem na to,prvo naravno misllim na one zllatne novcice t,j. RC's koji se mogu kupiti samo stvarnim novcem,a puno stvari je za njih?Ja misllim da jesu mallo skupi,sto se tice toga,alli cella igrica i nije tako losa,alli je zabavnije kadad su billa onako takmicenja,kao za Halloween na primer...
P.S.there will be new poll now about Winx Adventure.VS.Gardenia Park! :]

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winx Club 2:Das Magische Abenteuer 3D

Winx Are Back Again,forever with you :D

I dont really dont know why,but when i saw this poster when i saw that No1 WORLDWIDE :D <3 i was so trilled to see that world wide,and really happy,i dont know why!Arenty u guys just happy about this whole 3-4 more years with winx club? :) Ne znam zasto,alli kada sam video ovaj poster bio sam prosto odusevljen,pogotovo zbog toga SIROM SVETA :D <3 sto pise tako sam srecan i uzbidjen,niste lli i vi uzbudjene zbog cele te 3-4 godine druzenja sa vinks klubom situacijom? :D

Possible season 5 pics?Moguce sllike iz 5 sezone?

Pic from Winx-Magic-Kazo (hope i spelled it right)
Layla is so really cute here.

But Stella don't have some really special clothes,if i honestl have to say,even if she is my fave .But,her clothes arent that special.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winx Magical Adventure English Poster

Winx Delfin Products!

Dolfin: Winx and Spiderman
Reconfirm the most popular licenses from the world of women and men with a
rich assortment of products.
WINX: pandoroand, retina, coins, socks of the witch, and can piggy
handbag jeans.
SPIDERMAN: Panettone, stockings of witch, brings Nintendo video games,
tin piggy bank coins and retina.
And here are the products:

Winx purses

Prod Code N1437 in tray display - in display N1438

The goodies in purses jeans "Winx"

3 assorted models, customized with candy grams. 100, alt. cm. 16.
Winx Socks

Cod Prod cardboard N1774 - N1775 in display

With rich goodies, gr. 180, alt. cm. 33, supersorpresa collection.
Winx candies
Prod Code N 1441 - display in tray
In envelope gr. 125 with custom wrapping and surprise Winx collection.
The Exhibitor gluttony Winx

Prod Code N1461

Composed by:

- 40 envelopes marsh mallow (code N1439)
- 40 candy bags (code N1441)
- 24 handbags jeans (code N1437)
- 12 trunk rack (code N1444)

Tin-box Winx
Prod Code N1787 display in tray
The goodies in the tin-box "Winx"

With gr. 60 candy geleés, alt. cm. 11.5 and with custom stickers.
Marsh mallow Winx

Prod Code N1439 - display in tray

A two-tone heart with strawberry flavor in foil gr. 75 with surprise Winx collection.

Winx pandoroand

Prod Code N1769 display in tray stacking

Soft and delicious, alt. cm. 14, to the surprise Winx collection.
Retina coins Winx

Prod Code N1809 cardboard

In milk chocolate gr. 45 with custom wrapper.
P.S.Hope u dont mid credits ^^ Btw whats your favorite product from, here.I think that Bloom in 3D looks really cute,but while Flora looks kinda weird on some photos...For me best are winx christmas soccks and jeans purses :D