Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Blooperss!

Well i have been just going through some pics,and i found this you see Riven and Flora are toghether and Helia nad Musa,and they look Horiblle honestly :S XD

These are the English titles (beside their corresponding Italian versions) for the songs in Magica Avventura:
  1. A Magical World of Wonder (Tutta la magia del cuore)
  2. Believix
  3. Good Girls Bad Girls (Insopportabile alchimia)
  4. Forever (Per sempre)
  5. Don't Wake Me Up (Due destino in volo)
  6. Glamour Child (Fatto apposta per me)
  7. Supergirls (Supergirl)
  8. Love Can't Be Denied (Mentre il mondo gira)
  9. Endlessly (Irraggiungibile)
  10. Big Boys
  11. Love is a Miracle (Ora sei libertà)
Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel also puted A Magical World of Wonder up for download here.

NEW!Novi Broj Turskog Magazina Vinks! №77 Turkish Comic!

Winx Club 3D:Rainbow Magic Land Teaser!!!Vinks Klub:Reinbov lend pregled!

Keke Palmer-"Keisha" is not true!?Keisa nije stvarna!

Believe in Winx have just posted that this was jus a typo!So what is going on is it true?Keke Palmer will not became new Winx Character?What do you think,would you like seeing her or you are happy about this news?
Izgleda da su sve novosti o Keke Palmer da ce postati novi lik u Winxu Keisa sve bila laz!To jest ne laz,vec greska onih koji su napisali novosti.Umesto Aisha,sto je ustvari Lejla u Italiji,i umesto Aisha oni su napisali Keisa.To je mnogo nepazljivo sa njihove strane sto se mene tice,sto znaci da su i sve ove slike samo bille deo necijeg "fan arta" ili ti digitalnih radova neke dece koji su samo spojile Keke i Vinks na jednu sliku.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winx Club:Magical Adventures Movie Clips[English]

Wow many thanks to Believe in Winx!
Mnogo hvalla BelieveInWinx blogu za ovo. :)

PopPiksi Engleska Uvodna Spica-PopPixie Full English Opening

Credits: cristal-winx-lolina30 and MagiaDelWinx

Winx Costume 2011

Carnival Costume Ideas 2011: Ben10, Gormiti, Barbie, Winx, Hello Kitty

What are the trends for the costumes and masks for children for this
Carnival 2011? Surely the little ones tend to follow fashion
cartoons and comics. It therefore seems obvious that the choice is between
Hello Kitty, Barbie, the Winx and Disney Princesses for girls
and Gormiti, Spongebob and Ben10 for boys.

All this is fair to add the large group of traditional costumes
Carnival such as Zorro, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, spending
for new myths cinecomics as Captain America and Thor.

In the pictures below you can see some examples of Carnival costumes
2011 which may reflect the desires and trends of your
children. There are almost all: There is Spongebob (which he won for being the most
nice and original, just like the cartoon), but there also were the
Carnival costumes for girls like Barbie, Hello Kitty and Winx.

Below we see the classics as a boy and Gormiti Ben 10. A
curiosity as you can see the last picture, the costume 'casual' to
Ben 10 does not need to be 'superprodotto'. It is also feasible with
clothes you already have in the closet. Green trousers just match
maybe a t-shirt decorated with fabric colors and that's it.

Have you already chosen your costume for Carnival 2011?
(P.S.I know that half of this article doesn't have Winx,but...)
I think that costum is very pretty and cute! Very suitable for young girls too,cause you see that everything is covered,no naked skin,like Winx have legs,stomach even hands are covered and plus with the skin color,so i think its very good designed.What do you say?Do you like it?Would you like to have one like this?
Kostimi koji ce se ove godine najvise koristit/prodavati,oni koji su najpopularniji su :Hello Kitty,Barbie Girlz,Winx,Ben10,Sundjer Bob i Gormiti.To je uglavnom to,ovo ostallo su sve neke gluposti,ali nisam hteo da menjam vec originalan clanak.Gore mozete videti primerak Stella Enchantix kostim.Sve u svemu veoma je lep,samo mi se malo noge nesta i ne svidjaju.Veoma je dobro napravljen i prilagodjen uzrastima male dace,tako sto su stavili te neke hulahopke i majcicu boju koze tamo gde Winx nemaju nista,pa je veoma lepo.Da li se vama svidja?Da lli bi zeleli da imate jedan ili slican ovakav kostim?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hvalla za info:Winx ForeverForum i Winx---Belieivx

Monday, February 21, 2011

Winx Club Balet lutke u Finskoj!


Sponsor Media:Michael's Favorites and WinxHelina

Stella and Roxy nove slike Frutti Music!

Sponsor Media:Winx---Believix

Pop Pixie na DVD-u!

Winx English Winx Club 2 Magical Adventure Soundtrack! Englleska pesma iz drugog Winx fillma:Winx Club 3D:Magicna Avantura

Sa foruma : WinxForever

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Italian! New Comic № 83 Winx Club

Do not miss the interview with Jovanotti and fashion tips on how to dress to save the winter!
From today, you can always create different hairstyles for you and your doll with braids Magic Winx!
Decorate your hair lots of colorful balls! " Monsters of Rock! "

 And Wow is this Roxy's boyfriend? :D aaa Im still not on this comic,so don't know,i actually just started and now im comic 4,so dont really now what going on here?So any readers that DO now who is he? :)
Uuu jell ce ovo biti Roksin decko?Uuu bas zanimljivo ^-^

Thursday, February 17, 2011

                                Here are the envelopes of the Winx Club Magical Adventure 3D:
                                  Evo koverte sa sllikama Vinks Klub Magicna Avantura 3D!

Winx Club 2 Box Office! In Bulgaria!

The premiere weekend in Bulgaria for the Winx Club 2 3D has made €44,104 and so far the total of money made in 19 screens is 92,759!
Premijera u Bugarskoj kkoja je billa ovog vikenda Winx Club 3D zaradilla je 44 hiljade 104 evra,i do sada ukupno drugi Vinks fillm,na 19 ekrana zaradio je 92 hiljade 759 evra! ^-^
Od: Believe in Winx

The Cassette Multiprint . . .

The Cassette Multiprint: stamping and those with cartoon characters

Bakugan, Cars, Gormiti, Thomas The Train, Angel's Friends, Winx, Disney
Fairies, Hello Kitty, Princesses, My Melody and My Little Pony are only
some of the many cartoon characters with whom you can free
your creativity, playing with the colors and sounds of beautiful
Cassette of "Multiprint.

Delicious house-shaped boxes will surprise you with an imaginative and
fun kit includes: 7 different wooden stamps, markers
colored ink pad, a card, a small notebook and
a case to hold everything you need.

Among the 24 subjects currently available certainly find your
favorite character. After you've located it, you will not have to do is
enter the world of cute, stamp, stain and
have fun making lots of little odd jobs and DIY masterpieces.
The cottages are available in the shops of dealers known brand.

In addition, the official website encourages your imagination with the
extra section, full of coloring sheets and resources to discover.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WINX CLUB L'Aventure Magique! Teaser!

Thanks for teaser Winx---Believix and Winx Live

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Pictures!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! :) Srecan Dan Zaljubljenih svima! ^-^

P.S.This is my original OC Starly,you can find me on DA as "Stella96" there. ;]

Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 Love & Pet knjige ^-^

WINX LOVE & PET (1-4) P.S.Ako zivite u Vrscu,imate u UniverExportu 013,to znam sigurno,danas vidjeno -.^ 12.02.2011

Edicija: Winx love & pet
br.strana : 64

povez : mek

format:pun kolor, latinica

cena: 540 din po naslovu

1.Ljubavna šminka
2.Pijukanje za majstore magije
3.Čarobni safari
4.Ljubav na četiri šape


Novi doživljaji omiljenih junakinja u kojima i ih i ovoga puta u stopu prate njihovi omiljeni junaci ovčica Bela, bela pudlica Džindžer, ružičasta maca Koko, maleno pače Čiko i drugi.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Novi Vinks Casopis broj 4! New Serbian Comic!

Konacno izasao je i novi broj naseg omiljenog casopisa Winx Club! Kosta 349dinara kao i proslli broj.Uz ovaj broj dobijete divan "Winx Belieivx Fairy" tanjir od porcellana naravno,ne od pllastike!I u ovom broju ocekuju vas super testove,videti kako mozes roditeljima dokazati da si dovoljno odraslla,saznati o najnovijim parfemima poznatih llicnosti kao npr. Avirl Lavigne,saznati nesta novo o poznatoj pevacici "Misi Eliot" i jos mnogo togo.Naravno i u ovom broju ocekuje nas super strip "Drugarica Za Blum".Blum se podseca i prica svojim prijateljicama pricu o tome kako je ona postalla villa,i zasta je doslla u Alfiju(Alfeju).
Finally there is No4 Of Winx Club Serbian Comic.!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Viacom takes stake in Rainbow

Viacom takes stake in Rainbow
Italo toon house produces 'Winx Club' franchise

By Nick Vivarelli

ROME -- Viacom has acquired a minority stake in Italian animation company Rainbow Group, maker of globally distributed "Winx Club" kiddie TV franchise, in a move that will propel the expansion of the ambitious privately owned studio and boost its bridgehead toward U.S. auds.

Founded in 1995 by former comicbook artist Iginio Straffi, Rainbow is an Italian success story largely thanks to his "Winx," six trendy teenage fairies designed with a style that mixes of Japanese manga and classic Western animation, that have bewitched millions of tween girls in more than 130 countries.

Last year, Viacom's Nikelodeon and Rainbow announced a global content-based partnership centered around "Winx Club" under which Nickelodeon secured TV and merchandising rights in the U.S. and pay TV rights for Latin America, Canada, U.K., and several other territories.

That partnership now expands to co-development and co-production of seasons five and six of "Winx Club," and to two existing theatrical "Winx" movie titles, CGI feature "Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom" and "Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure," which are now likely to be released Stateside via Paramount.

Neither financial terms nor the entity of the Viacom stake were disclosed.
According to Italian financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore, the Viacom stake in Rainbow is said to amount to 30%, allowing Straffi to stay in full control, with plans for a Rainbow Group flotation to follow.

Rainbow, which is based in the small central Italian city of Loreto, with a production outpost in Singapore, also makes the series "Tommy and Oscar," "Prezzy," "Monster Allergy" and, most recently, "Huntik Secrets and Seekers."

The group, which has emulated the Disney model, on a much smaller scale, also has a Rome theme park, called MagicLand, in the works based on the "Winx" franchise and other Rainbow properties.

Original Article

Who is Viacom? Viacom basically owns Nickelodeon, who is currently co-producing season five and six as well as redubbing the first three seasons into movies.

What is a flotation? A flotation is also known as an Initial Public Offering, or IPO for short, in which a privately owned company decides to issue stocks that can be sold to the public. (HowStuffWorks)

Take note that the article said that Paramount, which is also owned by Viacom, might release the movies in America.

Credit Goes to Winx-Fairies! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rainbow Magic Land-Magic at Work

In a strange wasteland devoid of life, to welcome the visitors there are
Some megaliths impossible to translate the inscriptions, and an incredible
machine that hoists the occupants toward the sky ...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winx Big News

WINX CLUB - is not only one of the most popular television shows world for viewers 6 - 12 years, which is demonstrated in over 150 countries. WINX CLUB - it's more than 1 million Russian-language web pages. WINX CLUB - a fashion brand that hit different groups of products: books school supplies, candy and toys, clothing and footwear. WINX CLUB - not just a brand - it's a lifestyle!
WINX CLUB surprised his admirers a variety of animated Series:
WINX CITY - Girls WINX conquer city
WINX Believix-favorite of all fans - girls with fairy WINX wings
WINX Love & Pet - Series with cute pets
WINX Rock - Winx girls to conquer the stage
WINX 3D - animation film "Magical Adventure" was released in theaters autumn 2010. Heroines are shown in ball gowns and style Believix 3D.
The company "Servistorg is an official licensee« WINX CLUB »on Russian territory by groups of commodities for school and work and goods for holiday. Assortment of products for schools include satchels, backpacks, pencil cases, bags for spare shoes, notebooks and folders for work, aprons, pens, pens, desk organizers, plastic, color and b / g pencils, erasers, sharpeners, piggy banks, etc.
Goods for creativity are ball clay and classical neon colors, light classical clay and neon colors sets of stained glass paints and glitter gels, canvas on a stretcher with a accessories.
Our products for the holiday would help to arrange a fan of Birthday style WINX. Colorful disposable utensils, napkins, balloons, garland, festive caps and pipes will create a real festive atmosphere.
The company "Servistorg" in 2011 offers its partners a 13 seasons Collections WINX CLUB (knapsacks, backpacks, bags, pencil cases, bags, d / shoes). Total assortment of products for school and work and goods for the holiday be approximately 400 positions.
WINX CLUB - the leader among the best selling brands in the segment of the school goods. WINX CLUB famous brand and the company Servistorg "represent a new collection based on the latest draft WINX CLUB - full-length film "Magical Adventure» 3D.
Packaging with holography!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winx Club 3D - Magica Avventura (3D e 2D) (Blu-Ray Disc)

This is site(sotre) from where you will order! :D
Hmmm,but i also read that it will be on 6th March,and someones says in February,whats going on? :D
Takodje sa bloga BelieveInWinx.Ovo je DVD Blu Ray novi Winx fillm.Bas super,pa ako bude bio fillm kod nas,najvervatnije ce isto biti da se kupi na DVD-u :)