Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Pets..!!!!....go on Winter Walk....=]]]

Yes...finnaly on englush site comme something new....and its really cuteee.....Now.... there is game where we can go to are favorite pet play snow ride on snowy alfea and take more gems....its pour that we can't walk with them on normaly game....not to going to games with Kiko and Tecna....but,never mind....=]]]


  1. Hey, it's Phoebe from Winx-Fairies. My friend Christina gave me the link to your site and I notice a lot is very similar to mine, such as the background and the idea of having the different characters for each page, and the menu. I'm not going to ask you to change it, even though that would be pretty cool, but I'd rather you didn't copy my site so much :(


  2. Well i must say that i did see that for menu with characters from you....but,i didn't wanted to it right in that moment so then i saw many blogs with that menu and i decide to make it....and backround is from Winx website....but,i did not stole any,but any of yuor posts i can can see the date of posts if u don't believe me.....!

  3. Naw, I never looked at the post... it just seemed altogether the design of the blog was a lot like mine. :)