Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winx Club 3D Magica Avventura 3D Results

Here is the article with the result of boxofice the film:
The film is 5 Winx place among the 10 most popular films at the weekend.
Cinetel, 01, first with 'boys versus girls' (3 million)
The top ten this weekend October 29 to 31
The weekend October 29 to 31 closed with a revenue of 10.7 million euro (Cinetel) a decrease of 9% over the week-end previous year. In his debut a new head: 'boys versus girls' (01), totaled EUR 3 million, for a total of 3.6 million in five days. The film is distributed in 572 rooms and has scored more than 5 thousand euro on average. In the second position, 'Welcome to the South' (Medusa), which through the collection of EUR 1.8 million (-35%), exceeds 23 million October 1, the salt film is present in 463 (-58) with an average more than 4 thousand euro on the screen. Closes the podium 'very bad me' (Universal) share of nearly 9 million by October 15. Other news the top ten are in fourth, fifth and ninth. In the fourth has started the action 'Salt' with 751mila euro (Sony, 277 screens, 2,713 euro media) in the animated film 'Winx-The magical adventure' (Medusa) with 670mila euro (360 screens, 1,862 Euros on average). In the eighth Piazza, however, has debuted 'll reign of Ga'Hoole' (Warner) with 400 thousand euro (285 rooms, 1,408 Euros on average). Coming out of the top ten, to be reported in eleventh place 'Men of God' (Lucky Red), marking a +11% of Built with a box office 168mila euro for a total of EUR 393mila in ten days (64 against 53 copies of the previous weekend).
Title (Distributor) We Built% in room Screen Media / display screens prev screens we Diff Total Cash Release Date Receipts 29/10/2010 - 31/10/2010
A boys versus girls (01) 5 days 3,026,667.75 0572 5291 0572 3,621,956.49 27-Oct 2 WELCOME TO THE SOUTH (MEDUSA) 1,871,099.91 5 521 -35 463 4041 -58 23,611,836.61 01-Oct 3 very bad ME (UNIVERSAL) 3 3084 1286232.91 -52 417 543 -126 8,929,283.27 15-Oct SALT 4 (SONY) 3 days 751,389.89 0277 751,389.89 2713 29 Oct 0277 5 WINX CLUB - MAGIC ADVENTURE (MEDUSA) 3 days 670,240.61 0360 1862 0360 670,240.61 29-Oct 6 WALL STREET - Money Never Sleeps (FOX) 2 574053.78 -50 285 2014 2059384.83 -44 329 22-Oct 7 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 (UNIVERSAL) 2 569344.97 250 -50 230 2475 -20 2,051,883.53 22-Oct 8 THE KINGDOM OF GA 'HOOL (WARNER) 3 days 401,340.95 0285 1408 0285 401,340.95 29-Oct 9 CHILDREN OF THE STARS (WARNER) 2 264624.56 266 -56 250 1058 -16 1,032,045.11 22-Oct 10 STEP UP 3D (EAGLE) 4 2177 214 -114 -72 100 217,704.20 6,536,887.34 08-Oct
And here's the article which says that the film has made a good impression:
Box Office Italy: the play boys against girls won the night Witches
Italy dominated the box office, our home course. After the Empire of 'Welcome to the South' is 'boys versus girls' Fausto Brizzi that won first place, making it by far the best of the rookies of the weekend. Among them, trying to look good too 'Salt' and 'Winx Club 3D - Magical Adventure', mantra goes wrong 'Reign Ga 'Hoole - The legend of the guardians'.
E 'was therefore another Italian film to oust then' Welcome to South ', after four weeks of the domain. 'Boys versus girls', with its crowded cast including, among others, Paola Cortellesi, Fabio De Luigi, Chiara Francini, Alessandro Preziosi, Paolo Ruffini, Signoris Carla, Nicolas Vaporidis, Claudio Bisio, Nancy Brilli, Luciana Littizzetto, collects EUR 3,026,668 on 572 screens. Is obviously not the result of stratospheric ozone 'Welcome to the South' but the 01 may Distribution say for sure satisfied.
In second place is guess who? 'Welcome to the South'! With 1,871,100 euro on 463 screens, still manages to float easily even with 5 weeks of planning behind them, bringing his total to 23,611,837 euro! This, in fact, Claudio Bisio door to be in two film the top two box office, this memory is never happened.
In third place another 'old' as 'very bad Me'. The 3D adventure released by Universal Pictures, still collects, the third week, 1,286,233 Euros on 417 screens, for a total of 8,929,283 euro. The second rookie of the week has the face of sexual Angelina Jolie with 'Salt', is a close fourth, However, earning 751,390 Euros in just 277 screens (less than half of 'Boys versus girls'). This leads to say that even if the third new entry 'in 3D Winx Club - Magical Adventure' grossed just under 'Salt', that is 670,241 euro, the screens are a lot of difference. The fairies were sent on 360 screens and the price increased by 3D. Against this, the result of 'Salt' is not to throw.
Sixth and seventh the two films that have failed, surprisingly, the attack on 'Welcome to the South' last week. 'Wall Street: Money never sleeps never 'collected 574,054 Euros on 285 screens, for a total of 2,059,385 euro, and 'Paranormal Activity 2' very disappointed the expectations raised by the American box office, raking in 569,345 euro, for a total of 2,051,884 euro. The two films are virtually gone hand in hand.
Only eighth 'The kingdom of Ga' Hoole - The legend of guardians', with a poor result of EUR 401,341 on 285 screens (including him more screens of 'Salt'). Rounding out the top ten, 'Children of the Stars' by Pierfrancesco Favino, Fabio Volo, Giuseppe Battiston and Claudia Pandolfi who loses a lot in its second week (about 59 percent), so as to collect only 264,625 Euros on 250 screens (total 1,032,045 euro) and 'Step Up 3D', the fourth week, with 217,704 euro on 100 screens (total 6,536,887 euro).
Among the rookies who have enjoyed little of the signal distribution comedy 'Mammoth' with Gerard Depardieu, EUR 52,692 on 22 screens and winner of the 'World Cinema Dramatic Award' at the Sundance Film Festival 2010, 'Animal Kingdom', with Guy Pearce, who has collected 44,038 euro on 36 screens.

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