Thursday, April 7, 2011

OMG Nickelodeon Official Trailer for WINX CLUB! June 201! :D

Omg,Omg,Omg...tihs is soooo cool ^___^ But i cannot wait that ALL blogs have already post this :O lol But i will credit well okay everyone :D Look now :D BelieiveInWinx,Winx Fairies,Winx Fashion club,Winx---Beliveix,MagiaDelWinx,UndDiNoi and now me :] Well yeah least,but not least ^_^ These are like really cool news,nah? But not sure,Winx Fairies thought and asked their blog readers that they will drop traditional making of Winx and go for same making as its in movies.I think it will better as tradtional drawing,then 3D.It will more look a like Disney's new Mickey Mouse :/ And that trailer kinda reminded me of Barbie!? Whoops,well yeah don't now why,but it did lol I havent seen that Barbie in years i think But never mind that,now do you like the trailer? Are u exated?Can u wait for June 2011? And OMG through 2014? Did you saw that? So its not goodbye with Winx yet ^^ Yeey :D


  1. "But not sure,Winx Fairies said like maybe that it will be now in 3D,not old traditional lines and you know.I think it will better as tradtional drawing,then 3D as its in movie.It will more look a like Disney's new Mickey Mouse :/"

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I never said that. I said, "[D]oes that mean that the series has decided to drop the traditional animation style and go for the same animation as in the movies?" I was asking a question, not saying a statement.

  2. Owh well that is what i was trying to say,so i said "like maybe" just don't really know good english,sorry *blush* Im gonna try to correct it...