Saturday, June 4, 2011

Molly confirms season 5 :D

Thanks Molly Quinn so much for answering us on this questions,which you can see IF you enlarge this image by clicking on it! ;] So,she said that there will be some more announcements this month about season 5,can't wait!
Here is are full conversation:

" Hiii Molly Winx fans again :P ♥! I just wanted old question about Winx!? :D Well wanted to ask if you can ask for permission to actresses so you can tell us,who is voicing Stella,,Tecna and Flora!? And can you tell us will there be Roxy in season 5 please,only that!? :D Or can you at least tell us name of transformation in season 5? :D
Love Jovan,J-WinxClub4Ever! Have a great day! ♥
"We have just started original season 5 episodes and Nick wants to make special announcements this month. We are also doing the voices for seasons 1-4 simultaniously. They have hired a lot of extra staff to get this show off and running at a high standard.
Negoo,ovako ovde je samo cella konverzacoja izmedju Moli i mene! ^^ Ugllvnom je pricalla kako rade na sezonama od prve do posllednje,i DA :D reklla je da su pocelli i da rade na SEZONI 5! Da,tako je na originallnoj sezoni 5! ^^ Reklla je takodje da ce Nick da izbaci i pretpoststavljam trejlere,posto je reklla "announcements" a,to je nesto znaci kao da se objavi nesta,tako da ... :)