Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winx Official Site Under the "SITE MAINTENANCE" for already a WHOLE day ! Sajt u radu vec ceo dan!

So what do you guys think it could be!? What is the English Winx site updating,i think that English site at least don't know what others could do,is updating the new "HalloWinx" Mini-Games that they didn't have,while Italian site did had. It's a bit weird though,,so im guessing they're doing that,and adding some of the new collection for MiniWinx-WinxMe Avatar or whatever cause they should've done that,like 2 weeks ago,on Thursday,and then this Thursday new,but i don't know. . .
Ja msm da Englleski sajt makar sto se tice,dodaje nove "HelouVinks" igrice  koje je Itallijanksi sajt imao vec,kao i da ce nadam se dodati novu kollekciju odece za WinxMe-MiniWinx ugllavnom Avtar. lol


  1. Actually it's been under construction for 3 days! I hope I can go back on it soon.

  2. OMG,really? You don't say!?
    Well yeah,maybe they are re-constructing the whole site look!? WOW,that would be SO awesome.
    You remember when they changed the old look= to this new that is now,it also took them "few days of maintenance" lol . I really hope so,cannot wait what new features they're gonna make. :D
    Now,im even more exited . :}

  3. That's what I was thinking too! A whole new layout would be awesome! (As long as they don't remove Roxy.)

  4. Yeah,the official site is working again. *Yeeeey*
    And then,no changes AT ALL . >.<" :{ ^^'