Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winx Adventure:WInx "Christmas in Believix"

So whata think firs about new game!? :D I still cannot play,there are some "Loading Page" problmes. Si it looks like)))
But we've got this so cute picture here! I really hope they'll made a full wallpaper of it,i also do not doubt that there'll be some Fan-Artz on Deviant Art,which will be A PERFECT oportunity for me lol to update the "Fan-Artz" page,with some new arts. ^^
So tell me ur comments about this,also look up 4 MORE "Ooops" or should i say,"bloopers" - "mistakes" like Stella's hair is wrong,for believix she have other hair style. ^^ Also Layla/Aisha and even bloom looks SO cute. ^^


  1. I love the picture,
    I hope we get a bigger version of it.

  2. Yeah,me 2. ^_^
    Thanks for commenting,btw. O:)
    Xoxo J.

  3. I want a bigger screen shot too! Bloom almost reminded me of the way she looked in the season 5 trailer.

  4. Yeah,me 2. She also reminded me "Sirenix" . (:

  5. i luv winx club :)

  6. I hate to admit it but Im a mom and i love winx more than my lil girl

    1. hahah thats awesome!
      You're probably,let say 'ashamed' cause people are too judgemental ,i mean anyone can do what they one do,cartoons are for everyone! :) xoxo