Friday, January 27, 2012

Stella of Winx Club Official Wallpaper + Stella's Tips / Stella Vinks Kluba zvanicna sllika + Stelini saveti

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Soft, clean and healthy hair makes us more beautiful, everyone knows that! But you may not know that hair also can tell us if we're healthy, if something is wrong or if we're just a little tired. This month we will discuss how to keep our hair healthy, how to make it grow strong and beautiful, finding the right hairstyle and even trying perfumed hair! Almost no one is satisfied with her own hair: there are those who would like it curlier or smoother, more or less blonde, easier to comb or shinier... the list is endless! But we must learn to love our hair, because it is a part of us and also because hair is sensitive to how we feel about it and responds well when treated with care. Bad habits such as twisting your hair around your fingers or scratching your scalp don't help.
How to comb your hair? Your perfect hairstyle is the one that best represents you and also takes the nature of your hair into account. If your face is not perfectly proportioned, try an asymmetrical hairstyle. If you have long hair, find fun ways to bunch it up or separate it!
There are so many styles if you have curly hair like Layla...
-If you're a sporty girl -- short and fluffy! 
-If you're lively, let ringlets climb your shoulders. 
-If you are a romantic, let your curls grow a little longer, held by a hair band or hair clips
-If you've got a sharp wit, put your curls up in pigtails!
But what if you have smooth hair like Musa?
-If you are gentle but firm, try a bob-cut below the ears
-If you are sporty and tough, wear it short and wispy!
-If you are elegant, keep it long held in place by colored hairpins. 
-If you are a romantic, wear your hair long and loose in a beautiful braid!
Your hair by the numbers! 
500 is the number of hairs on your head per square centimeter.
1.5 is the number of centimeters your hair grows in one month on average. 
6 is the number of years the average human hair lives.
30 is the number of hairs you lose every day

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