Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winx Club Official : Bloom Believix Wallpaper 2 / Blum Bilivks slika 2

Click on picture to enlarge/Pirtisnite na sliku da se poveca 

*Thanks for anonymous tip. :} ♥
*Hvalla za annonimnu dojavu. :} ♥


  1. What kind of site is this are u trying to mock or make fun of the winx that is stupid and it's called being a jerk read the rest of this message please it's not bad and i am not being mean the rest of this message anyways it's cool ur a winx club fan cause i am a big one but whoever created this is awsome cause now winx club fans can learn more about the winx and i am super proud and relived that u care about the winx club so so so so so so so so so so so so much and i bet a lot of winx club fans are proud about having a website about this and i was really kidding about calling u a jerk and stuff i was just mad at my brother that's it and ur not stupid and not a jerk! ta da i will come back to this site a lot and i am so happy!

  2. LOL'z hahah im glad. *sigh*
    Thankies so much. Im glad you like it. : -D