Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winx Sirenix Mission! Print & Spread! Everywhere!

More Sirenix Posters!

Hello Winx Club Fans,
We have a mission, Winx Club is premiering on Nickelodeon Sunday February 17th! They have just aired the Sirenix promo on Nickelodeon TV today so we for sure know that it will be on Sunday Feb 17th! The ratings for the Winx have been falling recently and we need a way to raise those ratings back up. We have come up with a plan, and we are going to need all the AMERICAN FANS to help out with this little campaign. We have made Special SIRENIX posters for all the AMERICAN fans out there and we need you to go out share & send them to everyone you know or you could go around your neighborhood and share these posters to them so that we get the ratings the Winx Club deserves. Remember the better the ratings the Winx get the more Winx episodes we get. Here is a Sirenix Group Poster made by BelieveInWinx for All you American Fans to print out and share with everyone you know and to spread all around your neighborhood. Good luck on your mission!
[Credits:Post is completely copied from BelieveInWinx] . 

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