Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pop Pixie-Two Profiles:Meet Pop Pixie Girls:Amore and Caramela+New pics fro Pop Pixie ^^

Biography Amore

amoreAmore romantic dreamer and believes in his mission to get people to love. In her mind, a world where people love each other and nobody is upset. To achieve his dream, she opened a small store of "Love", the only shop in Piksiville, who specializes in potions and spells of love.
In his shop and workshop she always have to work with new recipes for potions that would melt even the coldest heart. Thanks to her special talent, she makes love spells spirits and chocolate.
She is incredibly upbeat and positive, but when it turns into a bidet, and when her friends are not around, that would help her, she may count on her assistant: Otis begemotik and vigilance, grumbling owl.
With the power MagicPop, Amore captures the bad thoughts of people and control the negative emotions, calms them.
Fear: Amore afraid of spiders. She screams and faints when he sees spiders.
Strength: Feeling PopPixie.

Biography Caramel

caramelCaramel is an active and decisive Pixie: she's very sweet of nature and spends hours in his bakery, which would be quick and decisive. Her talent is preparing to write shop pastries Molly Moo, who is known in the confectionery Piksiville.
Caramel is full of living, it can defend itself. She is always ready to rush to the aid of his friends. 
Tina, her assistant, who is too greedy, so the caramel keeps her away from the kitchen. Pigs do not like it and often it does not feel unappreciated.
In Caramel there is also her twin brother, Martino, an expert bartender, who is its complete opposite. As they round the spark, they bicker constantly (but very close).
From MagicPop it appeared incredible power in action it can defeat any enemy.
Fear: afraid of Dr. Caramel Box Piksivillya dentist who appears out of nowhere.
Power: Super strength PopPixie


From Rai-Dues ...And i guess that now we for sure know that all pixies will be in show.Show is now showing in France and soon should go to Italy i guess then Russia and all others maybe will be different ^^


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