Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weird >< :D

Well i was in shops and then i saw some table that looks like Winx i came closer to check it and there was web adress.Im now on it and as you will see down they are not Winx  its just something i have no idea what.I found that its from Turkey and when you go to they's web site you can see part called "Periler" which i get that means fairy-fairies :D Also when i was on vacations i saw many thing that are actually Winx,but they are called "Manx Club" or some names and pics are with winx girlz just with diffrent colors of they hairs and clothes its kinda weird ^^


  1. :O That's terrible! They totally copied Rainbow's drawing style - and, not only that, they stole the poses! I hate bootlegs. >:( Here is another thing I found on Ebay. They are really ugly dolls with the Winx doll's outfits. Clearly they are fake - but they are labeled as "Winx Club"

  2. Yeah i know and totally agree.And those dolls really are ugly :S

  3. dear god!!!! I hate bootlegs!!! once I saw a guitar with winx pics on it but then I saw the name. IT WAS CALLED GIRLY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GGRRRRRR!!!!!!!