Sunday, October 2, 2011

Season 5 trailer! Trejler 5 sezone!


I feel like crying,but seriously!That CGI WILL RUIN EVERYTHING :[ Alos,Molly said that it is her understanding that Season 5 will as first part of trailer is ! :D Yey!
Iskreno,pllace mi se kada vidim ovo,ova nova "3D" grafika je uzasna i upropastice sve! 
Alli,Molli Kuin koja daje gllas Blum je reklla da kako ona razume,peta sezona ce biti kao prvi deo trejlera,tj. normallna animacija,a ne kao 3D!  ^^


  1. Dobra vijest je da sam upravo saznao da ce 5 sezona biti u 2d animaciji tako je Molli rekla na facebook-u :) to je spasilo sve xD jedva cekema petu sezonu

  2. Axam,da,znam ^^ Cuo sam sa BelieveinWinx ^^'

  3. wait... where's Roxy?? She wasn't in the trailer at all... and gosh, the CGI makes my eyes bleed. At least the 2-D looked awesome!! I'm so excited, thanks for putting this up!!

  4. Yeah i know,its kinda of not fair :/ I wish Roxy will be in season 5 tohugh and in 2D ^^

  5. hey, does anyone know when it'll air in Italy??

  6. Hmmm well i definitely don't !
    Um thats like,sorry.
    But im sure,or i just think lol that its gonna air definitely before it airs in America. ;]