Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's build your wardrobe!(from winx official)

It's easy to find trendy stuff: fashion mags and stores are loaded with cool clothing you're dying to own. But if you want to build a basic wardrobe (and by that I mean Tshirts, jeans, sweaters that won't be over in a few months), things get trickier.
So I've come up with some easy tips for making sure there's something to wear in your closet:
Core pieces
You must have the simple basics for your wardrobe! And here you are few universal items you can't do without:
Two pair of jeans that fit great (A medium wash is the most classic. Avoid super dark rinses or light bleached tints - too trendy for a basic pair).
Khaki shorts. Not too short or long.
A pair of semi-slim-fit twill trousers.
Three solid-color Tshirts. Choose a basic, short-sleeve style in go-with colors like gray, black and white.
A button-down oxford
A well-fitted denim jacket
Nice pair of boots
A great pair of sandals - thongs, slides, wedges
Several versatile belts

Some tips to look cool:
Remember just this: only wear what works.
And here's how to assess what works for you:
Think about the places you go and what type of clothing is appropriate for your life.
Take personal activities and interests into consideration when trying to figure out what you really need.
Decide what comfort level you need. If soft fabrics and jeans with stretch have you spoiled, you'll want to stick with those.
Assess your figure. Take someone you trust shopping with you and ask her which styles really work on your body.
Find an inspirational source, style-wise: a certain fashion icon, a designer, or a little catalog, something that gives you ideas for new ensembles, styles, and creations.
Here's a little secret: try shopping at stores that aren't limited to teens.There are so many great places with nice basics and fresh buys that you wouldn't expect finding. Never limit yourself to shopping only at "teen" stores.

The rules
Trends are great in moderation.The goal is to pick one or two trends each season that you know you won't get sick of fast. (Insider tip: You're less likely to get tired of solids than prints)
If you decide to invest in a high-quality trend, don't ditch it the second it goes out.Hold onto it for a bit - it will definitely come back in style.
Learn to live with knock-offs (the stuff you buy in chain and discount stores).
Buy what you love.Never buy something just because it's trendy, on sale, or because a friend likes it. Really.
Great style is a learned art. Don't worry if you don't have it down pat yet. You'll find your fashion groove over the next few years.
Have fun. What good is fashion if can't lift your mood? Great colors, perfect fit and touchable fabrics can be real boosts.

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