Friday, March 12, 2010

Fantastic Journey with Winx Club Fairies in cinemas in Italy

The new 3D film starts in Italy from October 29. It will be called "Magic Adventure.

After the release of "Secrets of the Lost Kingdom," which attracted about 22 million dollars, the most famous Italian film in the world of girls, fairies returned with the second part of the surprising developments in 3D.
Winx Club - a fantastic trip in Italian cinemas from October 29, 2010. "Winx Club 3D - Fantastic Journey" will be the first Italian film released in cinemas in GGI and 3D format.

"Rainbow SpA The company was born" - said Straffi - "to be a landmark in the production of the animation is not just for children, as well as for the manufacture of new 3D CGI films, which are distributed by a major label. Much attention is paid to quality, which achieves our products."

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