Friday, March 26, 2010

Crazy inventions!



You no longer have to have superpowers to see through walls. Walls can now be made of LiTraCon, a transparent material that was invented in a small laboratory in Csongrad, 150 km from Budapest by a 27 year orl architect nameb Aaron Losonczi. The special "brick" is made with a mixture of fibre optics and plastic which renders it transparent.

The most ecological transportation tool of today is definitely the Segway Scooter, aka the human transporter! Computerts and motors keep the Segway upright at all times, with no need for a sense of balance at all. It works on batteries and it moves with every inclination of the driver. With a cool and clean way to travel! Forget cars!

Keeping bacteria away from your tooth brush may no longer be impossible!
The toilet is always home to millions of bacteria, and no matter how much you wash that toothbrush, there will still be presence of it. Now, you can put your toothbrush in VIO light, a germicidal ultraviolet ray that will kill bacteria!

Invented in St. Louis, USA, this space shuttle is meant for private travels. It is small enough to fit in the garage right next to your car and has the ability to fly into space! The company that produces the SpaceShipOne has already an alliance with Virgin, to launch the first tourist space travel within the next 5 years. The Moon, anyone?

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