Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Julia Kovalchuk became a fairy

The singer voiced by one of the roles in the new international show "Winx on Ice" Ilya Averbukh and "Ice Symphony". Show will be held in Moscow from 24 to 28 March at the Palais Megasport at Khodynskoe field.

Show created based on the famous cartoon series and the first one will be ice skating together Russia and the Italian skaters. From the first minutes of spectators will transfer to the magical dimension Magiks. They will be told fairy-tale story of the little dreamer Carolina, which is very fond of poetry. Once in her hands is a magical diary, and soon the girl understands - all that appears on its pages, is embodied in life. It describes in his diary his poetic imagination and into the enigmatic country Alfeyu, where he met with six young fairies WINX and with them battling ice monsters, giant spiders and enchanted books.
Romantic dreamer Carolina will play Olympic champion Irina Slutskaya, and one of the central party music show will be performed by the Princess "Ice Age" Valeria Lansky. In other roles will also be busy well-known domestic and foreign athletes. Authorship of the Russian text of the ice performance belongs to Alexei Kortnevu.
One of the fairies - Tekno speak the voice Yulia Kovalchuk.
- It was very interesting. For a time I myself became a fairy. Get used to this role was not difficult, and moreover it is very good, beautiful and magical story. It was a pleasure to work and "give" a voice charming Tecno.
Recall that before that Julia was the experience озвучки in cartoons - "The New Adventures Alyonushka and Yarema" and "dazzling Barry and worms disco. The latter will be released on the screens very soon. On the premiere to be announced.

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