Monday, April 12, 2010

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Already in October on the screens out a full-length 3D-animation Winx Club - Magic Adventure. Not every critic digest this title. Yet every mother who has a daughter aged 6-12, sigh, hearing the magic Winx. Who - with sadness about spent all this money, tinsel, and some with joy that the girl found herself a harmless hobby, out of which will sooner or later he grows up. In the animated series, which goes on TV in 130 countries, including Russia, tells about fairies and witches, who are studying in schools of magic.This artless intonation, which gave a start in commercial life graduates of various educational institutions - from the Academy of Mr to school Hogwarts, the Italian comic book artist and toon Idzhinio Straffi became the owner of one of the fruiting brands. And in the animated series about fairies was originally laid not a creative idea, but a niche business project, created exclusively for girls 6-12 years. Precision targeting led to the fact that the annual turnover of the empire Winx, which is young, just as her fans - only the seventh year went - now stands at 2 billion. This product across all market segments, ranging from the actual series, movie of, DVD, various shows, like "Winx on Ice", which was held here in March, the accompanying toys, books, magazines, clothing, cosmetics, school bags and finishing products everyday. Want diapers with our heroes - will you and diapers. After all, at stake - the market of children's goods, which, as you know, one of the five largest world industries.

Nevertheless, the company Rainbow, which sells licenses to Winx and several other serials brands, persevered and film production. It would seem, why? After all, the personal account of branded cartoon characters cinema brings mere penny. Think for yourself: cartoon "Winnie and Heffalump" in 2005 with a budget of 20 million collected in theaters almost 53 million dollars. Do you think this triumph? In fact, a bare profit from Disney's film distribution was an insignificant amount. Needless to dye transfer. For weekly reports on box office with fantastic figures - no more than data on cinema tickets sold. A simple example. In American practice, over a third of all profits are taken a cinema. And in Europe, this percentage can reach up to 60. The rest of the cash profits are taken to divide the producers and distributors. Deduct the television advertising and printing - are horns and hoofs. For example, in 2007, the weighted average capacity of a strong advertising campaign comedy or horror film in Hollywood was about 40 million dollars.Manufacturers of art-house pictures spent on creating an information field of the order of 26 million dollars on a movie. A budget of a blockbuster in the average ranged around 70 million dollars. So, as you wrote a well-known analyst of Hollywood Epstein: "Brave reports from the box-office front in most cases will be for the manufacturer is not more than the public reports of casualties." If in the distant 1948 the total income of the Hollywood industry was eight and a half billion dollars and this money has been made only on Cinemas, then in 2007, on revenues of 42 billion share of box office was only 20 per cent.

So why release a second film about the Winx (first collected in Italy, only 8 million, we have not been in theaters), especially in 3D-reincarnation? "The film in isolation, in terms of licensing the brand, does not guarantee a long interest - explained the" Results "Idzhinio Straffi - six months before reaching the screen and three to five months. The main thing is to sell a license to use the brand. Do you want to do business - engaged pervasive coverage of the market, producing all kinds of media products associated with it. stokes interest in motion picture production. " 

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