Monday, April 12, 2010


Cannes: Rainbow launches Winx cLUB 3D - Magic adventure in Cannes this week.
The new 3-D film, Bloom is living happily with her parents in domain names, like a princess, and is ready to marry her boyfriend, Skye. But his father forbids the union, dark secret is revealed and Bloom together with specialists, must save a magical kingdom.
Winx is owned by Rainbow, the first film - Secret of the Lost Kingdom, which attracted 8 million Doller in Italy. Winx Club 3D Magic prilyucheniya first film, which is produced in Italli, with the use of 3-D stereoscopic technology. The film will be released in Italy in 2010 and throughout Europe and beyond.
* At the expense of what will be on this week myself, and not very confident, but this news was on the site, to which I partly listened
  • Approved by the name of the second film - Magic (magical) adventure
  • The film will be shown at the 40th Giffoni Film Festival, which takes place this year from 18-31 July 2010. (The jury included only young people aged 6 to 18 years. Among the growing number of participants - representatives of countries from four continents. The festival will be attended by many Italian and foreign movie stars, actors and directors, their attendance confirming the high importance of the Festival and general education of the younger generation.
  • The festival will show an excerpt of the film, 10 minutes


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