Monday, April 12, 2010


Hiii guyss...well my blog is finally 1 year old...i still can remember moment when i was on my computer starting my own blog,i first thought i won't write even 2 weeks which was true,i didn't and then 2-3 months later i found the "Winx-Fairies" blog which gave me inspiration to countinue my blog.I start to write then soon so much news about Season 4,PopPixies,now season 5 and 2nd movie...Winx are one of best thing happened in my whole life.So i got more readers(now 8000-i took readers from 1st template cause then i removed widget) and i got more exited about all this.Just with with this blog and i met hundred peoples and maybe 10 of them really,really great friends for me.I hope you all enjoying in my blog and other OFC.I will write my blog still of course,so see ya...!!!^^

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