Friday, June 18, 2010

Fully English Winx expo ^^

Well i must said that im little disapointed in graphic of this well lets say work.This is one screenshoot taken from WinGx Gallery and you can see strange look of them ;)

Then see this?I mean OMG!I know that they have lost a lot of money on 3D!movie and,but they also got from 4 season and 1st movie much,much money.Well i honestly hope that movie be really 3D as its real,but i think it will be,but this iss hmmm...well look for yourself

Look closely other pics!See missing parts like hair,wings and other stuff not well colored!?

Well i just did little research and i found that graphic is maybe like that cause its not yet all finished or cause its videotaped and its like rough version ;)

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