Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WInx 3D!New Pics!

Here are some new pics from new movie,arent they just awesome? :D

                                     Bloom searching for something or ,maybe someone!? ^^

                            Specialists on sea?Look like storm!They looks scared(Nabu is here :D )

                                                      Bloom with horse cute :D
                                      Wait,girls in Gardenia?Hello Roxy is there!!!Soo?
                               Is Sky made or what?Looks like she is living cause of something!

                                     Winx Believix,but in Alfea? :/ somethings weird going on!
               I think its posibiblle that girls are transporting them self to Gardenia(Earth)
              Bloom's nurses or maybe nannies? haha they looks like Bloom,Stella and Tecna
And,wait Bloom's father with great sword sad or scared,something is now really weird here!

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