Monday, June 28, 2010

Is Magic Back or its just New Magic Adventure . . . or maybe both

Well after seeing Winx Club Magic Adventure(Magica Avventura) 3D movie trailer many times i saw this on picture...if u look closely you will see on the end of the movie something and thats Winx club 3D! Magica Avventura and then under it you will see "The Magic is Back!"So after all looks like The Magic is Back isnt 3rd movie its 2nd movie as we all thought,but it was well just "nickname" for movie or something.So then we will hope that there will be 3rd movie and Season 5 i hope,i mean i think,no no i know that there will be Season 5 and 3rd Movie . . .I will next time post some facts about it :D Oh,and one more thing i think that on the end of trailer,voice said "The Magic is Back" ,but i dont know italian,if u know please watch it its on right side of thing and please tell us so we know if its something what voice said connected to this,and what do you think anyway? ^^

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