Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aquafan Winx Club

Im glad that there were all 7 Winx(it should be) on AquaFan.There were thousands kids to see them...

"That spells for the Winx! The most popular fairies in the world have relied 
thousands and thousands of people to the park for the third day Winx Club. Scatenatissime as always fans of small fairies, who have submitted to Aquafan fully dressed for their favorites: about wearing a bathing suit 'designer' Winx, who the bandana, who bathrobe ...
And lots of prizes given away also numbered them Winx Aquafan to girls who have left their dedication to the Winx at the Next Area (But also some mom has put in a queue to make the dedication ...) has reserved for the exclusive Winx kit, complete with pink sunglasses inspired to do. And so much fun with the show of the Winx order pool, which made capture with their fans.
But the party with the Winx not end here.
At the launch of new film in the series, Winx Club Magic Adventure, the first Italian film in 3D, the August 12 irresistible fairies return to Aquafan for a new day 


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