Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winx Club Magic Adventure

«Winx Club 3D. Magical Adventure "comes to Russia

"New Disc" signed for the film Iginio Straffi «Winx Club 3D. Magical Adventure »(Winx Club 3D - Magical Adventure) in Russia. 2 December 2010 the film will be released on DVD.The world premiere of the full-length animated film also starts in Russian cinemas on Oct. 28, 2010 (distributors - the company "Our Cinema"), and only then - in Italy and Europe.

After the huge success of the fourth season of TV series (in Russia release on DVD - August 2010, the publisher - the company "New Disc") is the most famous in the world of fairies again in flight! The new feature allows all fans Winx Club dive into the world of your favorite heroes, to feel one of the charming fairies, because this movie was created in this "magical» 3D - using computer graphics and stereoscopic technology. The result was the first in Italy's stunning three-dimensional animated film, allowing viewers worldwide fully imbued with the plot and appreciate the depth, elegance and richness of the image.

As in life, events in the movie «Winx Club 3D. Magical Adventure "are the most incredible turnover, and the final is different from what viewers expect to see. They will, together with the fragile but courageous heroines of the film to find the courage and stand in a complicated, unexpected situation. It is important to trust your friends - this will help Winx overcome the difficulties that do not cope alone. And most importantly - is to find the "magic within themselves, learn to believe in yourself. After all, escape from reality - not an option, even in the magical adventure. Willpower, optimism and friendship can cope with any injuries and lead to success.

Creator Winx - Iginio Straffi, founder and CEO of Rainbow SpA, one of the leading animation studios in the world of television and film industry. For the high level of professionalism, he was awarded honorary awards: Award of Pinocchio "and" Animation Studio of the Year "(Italy, 2005), as well as the prestigious Order of the Italian Republic, granted to the Head of State.

According to the most Iginio Straffi given in an interview with Vedomosti, Russia is very promising for the Winx, because Russians understand and appreciate the beauty and true quality. «Winx very popular in all countries where there is the cult of beauty, - in Italy, Spain, France, - says the creator of the most beautiful in the world of fairies. - I see that in Russia women, as in Italy, taking care of their appearance, they are very feminine and charming, maybe so Winx are so popular. "

WINX Club today - a full-fledged project, embodied in a variety of art forms:
television series, successfully reaching across the world - in more than 150 countries, gathered many of them have a record number of spectators;
movie mystery lost kingdom, with great success shown in Italy and other European countries;
touring musical program and ice show, the number of tickets purchased for that already exceeded 150 000 are scheduled shows in Europe;
Internet hit and an online game in the genre of MMO RPG;
Hit licensing pobivshy all records.

In Russia series Winx Club is published in full on DVD (publisher - the company "New Disc") since 2008. The series is divided by issue, with 28 editions, published entirely in Russian, with a bonus collector's bookmarks and cards, as well as unique video clips.


  1. Was the 4th season really that much of a success?

    The movie was pretty good. Both CGI movies turned out okay.

    Here is our take on it with wit and pictures if you are interested:

  2. Hmmm very interesting! Thanks :D