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Winx:Long Interesting Interview-Story

The cartoon heroines' s three-dimensional adventure teen magic sold in 130 countries: travel in studies where they were conceived Born 's Academy of Winx (and the fairies make their debut in 3D) "An Italian school of talents to create new 'animation' 400 Preview the movie in Giffoni employees' 400 employees we are young people under thirty years', some recalled by Disney "
ROME - The kingdom of Winx from a red-brick barracks outside Rome. There, every day, hundreds of young people armed with pencils first, and especially computer then give life to the adventures Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna, Aisha. The kingdom of the Winx by Rainbow: an animation studio born from the desire to Iginio Straffi. He, 45 years, ten years ago, he realized that his sketch of Fairies with sparkling hair el 'navel could have discovered success. An animated series broadcast in 130 countries, two musicals, a film 's animation plus a huge range of merchandise are evidence he was right. It will be released October 29 Winx Club - Magical Adventure (Ten-minute preview at the Giffoni Film Festival, July 18 to 31) is the the first Italian feature of three-dimensional animation. "When we came out with the first film in 2007, we were already working on project - says Straffi -. 'S idea of 3D to' age was a ' lighting, which allows us to keep pace with the times. " But 3D is now essential? "We tell a magical world: with the 3D Viewers can also enter. Straffi, who is the father of the Winx, describes her do it with pride: 'The insight was to create a serial with heroines of women when the market was dominated by products males. Then get the magical component, then forgotten. But My fairies had to be young, no sir type surf Fairy Blue. They had to dream of being one of them. " Models are not too perfect? "I was inspired by real stars: Britney Spears (Bloom) Cameron Diaz (Stella), Jennifer Lopez at the beginning (Flora), Beyonce (Aisha), Björk (techno) and Lucy Liu (Musa). As a child I dreamed of being Tarzan or Zorro: The skeletal little body was not then an obstacle 's imagination. The children identify with the characters they love not with those that resemble '. But by 'the admiration born' emulation. Being the Winx so trendy is not likely that the girls become mini-fashion-addicted? 'The attention to fashion desired. Against 'approval. The dress speaks of personality: every fairy has a different character and a different look. Are free. Winx feminist icons? "They are heroines, nature, are strong and successful, much more than boys'. And the girls that follow can hope to demonstrate the same qualities growing in Italy? "It seems that our country is increasingly opening up to women. Hopefully. " In the corridors of the Rainbow are many girls between a busy room and the 'other. With their colleagues to plunge hour monitors, working with mice were as chisels. And by looking for skilled professionals is perhaps the project came ambitious society: the achievement of an 'academy at Cinecitta to prepare job seekers in 'animation. Says Francis Mastrofini, Head of School: "We provide the Our know-how. New employees need six months to understand how to work. Speaking eliminate this gap in training time. For us it is a reservoir from which to fish. " "The desire is to train designers of the future, "says Straffi adding:" For a bet board c 'is a work about nine months. " Patience Straffi 's has learned with the comics, "A technique that teaches discipline. But as a child, inventing stories to comics. I knew them all. stationed at 'shrine in the country. The daughter of my neighbor was looking for me to play but then got bored because I was always with pencils in hand. Now his mother tells me: I told my daughter to draw with you. " Favorite comics? "Corto Maltese, and Moebius." Film d 'animation? "Miyazaki and the authors' Pixar, like Up! and Wall-E. In commercial, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar. Can compete with the Winx these products? "It's more a film for children. This second chapter is But the most comical. We're making a film d 'animation on gladiators, Versus Rome to 'height as Americans. " Cartons animated today, with all the accompanying merchandising, not a attack on the imagination of children? "When I was at the carnival Zorro costume and not a sheet around his neck he felt even more. " In the spring of 2011, children can also enter the Alfea castle, with towers 35 meters: one of the attractions of new theme park on Rainbow characters. 'Rainbow Magic Land born near Rome attractions 60ettari with the latest three hotels. The Rainbow is a growing company that invests in research and development and double contrast: all-Italian and the ' average age of those who work under 30 years. Double pride Straffi: "Many of our talents were to leave for 'abroad because you earning a living here. We have several fall events, including by Disney. Working in Italy is not easy: there are no state aid and pay a lot. But we were born here and we have chosen to invest. Sorry but that culture, the 'industry of the ideas are so underestimated. Also because it is one of the few areas where we can excel as a country. " Clare Maffioletti PLAY PRIVATE **** Here are the protagonists in a Winx 'image from "Winx Club 3D - Magical Adventure 'first film' Italian animation in 3d. From left: Aisha Musa, Bloom (the main character), Stella, Flora and Tecna. The film, produced and directed by Iginio Straffi will be in cinemas from 29 October, but the processing of film, particularly laborious, started three years ago, in 2007 Prince Charming **** TV production and film The Rainbow is a company founded in 1995 for production of animated productions and multimedia. Among the studies most appreciated internationally, thanks largely to the success Winx (carton is broadcast in 130 countries worldwide), the Rainbow 's unique production company in Italy able to realize all production stages of a cartoon, even in 3D. In the photo above some of the rooms that make up the studies: the higher the room dedicated the assembly and early projections, that they work under the animators. The production involves more than 400 people: half of employees fixed, the other freelancers. Every soul, every day, achieved by 0.2 to 2 seconds of film 3d
Maffioletti Clare

Other news (from michaelsfavorites2):
The 5 series is confirmed. is currently being written. Arriving in TV in late 2011.

Umm there is nor Roxy anywhere,and what should it mean there somewhere Bloom(main character) shouldn't all Winx girls be main characters maybe along with even boys i mean com on cartoon is WINX CLUB soo anyway,arent we all exited about latest news about season 5,omgg i cant waiiit,can u? ^^ 
*And sorry there is no pic that it been described ^^

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