Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Layla Vs Roxy?Hope not!

Well yeah one post on Una Di Noi really made me thinking.And its about Layla and Roxy.Well i were searching some other feacts posted on Una Di Noi and when u see them all its kinda confusing!Well first now you can see here on screenshoots which are also from Una Di Noi that Roxy plays drums,but why?Why did they made Roxy play drums when thats Laylas job.Its pic from this game:
See Roxy is playing drums...

Then also an iteresting thing i didnt know cause they haven translated on my langauge on tv like that that when Layla decide to be with evil guys she see Winx with Roxy and tell them "I see you already found me replacment" hmm wow that wasnt good i think. 

And now woah yeah,remember this pic that i already have posted where you can see well almost full believix group pic with Roxy but no Layla,so thats another thing,im posting it here agian down,but it really isnt good that you can find this pic on an actual OFFICIAL site of Winx.

But well then someone says that Roxy and Layla could acutally be BF's but its kinda not very logical seeing all this informations although on this pic they looks nice and close together 
But,hm also they share another thing that is in common and its a green color.They both have green colors of outfits causal and transform so in seaosn 4 Layla gets some kind of blue-green color which i call deap ocean color xD Another thing why maybe she will be replaced!?Anyway they make Layla close to Flora when she helps Flora get Helios attention,but i always thought that Musa was her BF and they became much close when Musa tell Layla about her mom and all that.Layla wasnt really close to Tecna much until Tecna deciaded to gave her life for Andors which happens to be Laylas home,so then they became closer.For Stella well Stella and Layla i think always had some issues i dont know why they were sometimes fighting in season 4 too,but then they talk and they becaming closer and closer ^-^ About Bloom i dont hink i should say anything cause every Winx is good with her :D And the last think i that maybe why they will actually replace Layla with Roxy wich wont be good for her fans is that Nabu dies and we saw she kinda orbed him to Anodros so maybe she will in season 5 go to Andors and try to save Nabu,but if she do that even she can't for sure try t i save him all season she will be then i think in some episodes when Winx will really need her help or something like that.Well those are some fact,but we all hope that Layla wont be replaced! ^-^

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