Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winx Club Online Web Avatars ^^ + New Mini Games

Well yeah altough Gardenia Park is unfortionately closing tomorow :[ The Web Avatars are here :D Yey sthey are so cute,and a lot of things are cheap and not RCs thats i guess cause they know that we will spend much more in Winx Adventure ^^ So i will upload my avatar here so everyone can see it ^^ Enjoy making yours although i think they will be just for forum avatars and nothing else,but lets hope not :D

And plus there are some really cool new mini-games too ^^ they really are improving site very much :D
The new 2 games are "Gardenia Ice Cream Shop" and "Flora's Garden"
Gardenia Ice Cream Shop ScreenShoots(game is awesome) ^^

Flora's Garden ScreenShoots


  1. but the game does not work though

    1. Yeah, these were the 'Happy' days of Winx Club Site, it appears now they have much better things to do. But, fear not, for Christmas they prepared us a MMO gam, its a multiplayer online game, and im sure it will be great. Meanwhile, you can visit for more Winx mini games. ;-) xo


      NEW SITE! :D


      NEW SITE! :D