Friday, October 29, 2010

Winx Club Informations and new Preview ^-^

Here are some articles on the Rome Film Festival where it was presentedWinx new film:
15:57 October 28, 2010
(AGI) - Rome, October 28 - Comes out tomorrow in theaters the firstthree-dimensional animated feature made entirely inItaly. After the incredible success of the first film and from 4TV series, the fairies more 'colorful world of the Winx, come back to flyon the big screen in an exciting feature film, 'Winx Club in 3D.Magical Adventure '. This animated film and 'was madecomputer graphics and stereoscopic and "how all these kinds of jobsStraffi said he needed a long period of preparation, butstrong previous experience of the Rainbow CGI has addressed thischallenge with great enthusiasm.We are very proud to carry the Italian flag around theworld, makes us feel proud of everything we make. ThereItalian film and television products are - again emphasizesthe creator of the phenomenal creatures that are sold or appreciatedmore abroad. These are the colorful fairiesEuropean carton more 'sold in the world. "In this new adventure, sequelthe 2007 film, breaking the vicious Trix are back to the partyinauguration of the new school year. Having tracedthe tree of life that keeps the magic balance positive andnegative, with the help of the ancestors, with a powerful spell theTrix can break this balance and sucked into the whole MagixEnergy good. Bloom and her friends find themselves so 'without powerand will again defeat the evil witch. The first meetingproduction of this second film took place in 2007 whenthe first was still in production. Were made sketches of 5000preparation to define the 90 sets and 220 characters between theseveral variations of clothing, hairstyles, and transformations appeared."Deciding to make this new film in 3D and 'was a decisionimportant states Straffi -. The Winx fly, live in a magical world,All this has made it difficult to work, but in the end we can saythat the board made the purchase value and stereoscopygreatest impact. "
Another article:
After previewing the film will arrive tomorrow Capitolina in 400 rooms.
'Winx Club 3D', the fairies flying festival in Rome. Straffi:Italian Pride''''
Rome - It 's the first Italian animated films in stereoscopic 3D. Thedirector and producer:''They come out from the screen and fly to an incheyes, we have invested a lot but we are happy with the result '
'We are proud to carry the Italian flag in the world, and Ifilled with joy when the Italians, usually so littleinclined to pay homage to the things of our house were just asproud.'' So the director and producer Iginio Straffi baptizedRome Film Festival, the new adventure of his fairies, 'Winx Club 3DMagical Adventure 'which will come tomorrow after the premiere Capitolina in 400salt distributed by Medusa and has already been pre-sales in Europe and theUSA.
Even comic book artist, founder and president of Rainbow Spathe contractor signs the Marches first animated film in ItalianStereoscopic 3D:''Who better than the flying fairies with long hair andwith loose clothing could lend itself to 3D? - Straffi says - We haveinvested a great deal (35 million dollar budget), it was tough, but wehappy with the result: Winx leave the screen and fly to acm from the eyes.''
Although at the beginning have not been a bed of roses:''When we started16 years ago, I could not even speak with the secretaryassistant for a contact person,''says the director, now the Rainbowhas 400 employees''better,''and two creative studies in Rome and Loretobuilders of a nearly successful planetarium.
''From Russia to America via Europe and Turkey and otherModerate Muslim countries: housing (clothing) skimpy) and the contents(Tough women who know what they want) do not make suitable Winxfundamentalist Islam, where the woman is in sad condition,''Straffi points, earning a co-production almost beyond our dreams:''Theleading U.S. children's channel, Nickelodeon has decided to co-produceSeries 5 and 6 points for the first time on a product not madeon their own, or Italian,''he says.
But the Rainbow does not stop:''A Spring 2011 - continues the director -will be open to Valmontone, 30 km from Rome, the theme park inspired by theflying fairies: 30 hectares and 300 million euro investment in aRainbow Magic Land with attractions in 4D and 5D. Visitors caninteract as happens in 'Men in Black' - he concludes - and a few pupazzonia lot of technology, will be a virtual trip.'' 


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