Saturday, May 28, 2011

Even NEW description on Nick's site O.o lol Cak NOVI opis Vinksica na Nikovom sajtu

So,there were already two of them,and now this one third is completely right! First,there were mentioned only Aisha  and Bloom,then in 2nd there were they all mentioned but they wrote Aisha wrong,they misspelled as "Ashia" :/ And now this i guess is a final description,and its good.
Pa billo je vec dva opisa,pogresna opisa tj.! U prvom,bille su samo Aisa i Blum,a posle u drugom su ih sve spomenuli,alli su  pogresno napisali Aisa (Aisha) i napisalli su "Ashia" tj na srpskom Asia lol Alli sada je sve u potpunom redu,sa ovim trecim nadam se i posllednjim opisom  za ovo. ^^

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