Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grade new movie Winx Club Magical Adventure 3D(Magica Avventura) Oceni novi Vinks film,Vinks Klub 3D:Magicna Avantura

Yup,so grade it from 1-10 with all ur's explanations of grade.Ofc if you still haven saw movie,see the trailer if it,and say reactions of trailer,but if you are grading movie from trailer write that up in comments below too. Sooo,shall we start? :D And i started this "campaign" on NIcks Winx message board.
Ocenite kako vam se cini,makar trejler ako fillm niste odglledalli od 1-10 i recite razloga i objasnjenja za tu ocenu koju date naravno! Ako vec pisite ocenu o trejleru,a ne o fillmu,to recite i u kommentu takodje.

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