Saturday, May 21, 2011

Winx Club on Nick site opened! Otvorio se Winx sajt na Nick site-u!

Yeyy these are awesome news,right!? :D So first i will do the credit thingie! Thanks UndaDiNoi for credits.
First i will tell you that UndaDiNoi also got one more gr8 news,and its that beside Molly Quinn,in cast members for Nick there will also be Ariana Grande confirmed by this picture.
Well here is link to the Winx Club on Nick! I think it looks really great look and all that.Im just realllyy sad because i CAN'T watch trailer :[ Its like not available in my location. But im working on to see it,by searching for some proxy's and when i find right one,i will post it here,at least if anyone but my country cant see it,then for my country,but i want everyone can see it ^^
So if you wanna read facts that  UnaDiNoi wrote,visit her page,they are really interesting.
And here one my fact or is it fact lol
Read next description: .....

Winx Club

"Life is a fairy tale for Aisha and Bloom, the magical members of the Winx Club. These fab fairies are best friends at Alfea - the best fairy school in all the land. When they're not out fighting their wicked witch enemies, the Trix, they're hanging out with their boyfriends, the Specialists. These gals may look like pretty pixies, but they're not your average fairies.

I just don't know  they only wrote Bloom and Aisha,magical members of Winx Club,but not other girls!? I mean its not a fact,i more see it as not really good made description,but who cares about this,right?Its good we at least have Winx! :D  Hope ya liked post.


  1. This is the moment everyone's been waiting for.Who knows maybe there will be other surprises as well related to the Winx.

  2. Yeah,that would be cool ^^