Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winx Club goes "Witch" for HalloWinx 2011! Vinks Klub za "Noc Vestica" bice vestice!? :D [Winx Casopix/Winx Comics]

"Super fairies fight monsters!These Winx you've never seen! They have a new style, new hairstyles, clothes and flashy accessories! But above all they are getting ready for new adventures ... And you know why? They should be strong and prepared because .. Come the terrible monsters that are willing to do anything to win our old friends, the fairies! But fear not! Winx are not alone! In addition to your help (we know that you are always on their side!), They can count on the rescue inseparable from their pets! By the way, you can not find them charming new style? A fantastic collection of dolls will be available HellouVinks on sale in the best shops in Italy in October!Especially for you we will open all the surprises the world HellouVinks: Mission Monsters!
New comics ... read in one sitting!You will see a super hero's fairies. Incredibly brave ... ready for an amazing adventure! Do not miss the new releases in your favorite comic magazine dedicated HellouVinks! Want to know more? Just for you - the names of exciting new comic that we're all waiting! (№ 91 Winx - Flora fight with a werewolf; № 92 Winx - Bloom against vampires; № 93 Winx - Call Stella mummy)

Play ... with fashion!... To know all the secrets of the new style HellouVinks not miss the next issue of "Glue & Go!". All clothing and fashion accessories in the 60 reusable stickers with which you can create a truly unique and original style super for your friends Winx! In the stands at the end of September! 

Already in the next edition of "Winx Club" - the first dedicated comics HellouVinks "Monster Mission 1 - Werewolves on shady hills", where the flora will fight with the werewolves. They have big claws, but it has its own HellouVinks! Also on the official website of the "Club Winx" can be viewed on the new series of 3 minutes (web episodes) and play the new incredible game, which is also devoted to Halloween. "

Picture and text belongs to MagiaDelWinx
[I know you don't really like copying ur text's,but i would be pleased if you don't mind this time). (: <3
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