Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Ball Gown Clothes! Nova odeca za bal!

                                                                       ROXY 1

                                                                        ROXY 2

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This i think mean that previus posts images are real right!? I mean just look Flora and Bloom! The pattern dress is almost THE SAME used in those pictures! Arghhh,another Winx Mistery,so ur thoughts!? :D I honestly for big surprise like Musa's and Tecna's the most. lol :P <3
Cini mi se da su onda sllike iz prosllih postovaprave,ne? Msm poglledajte patern koji je upotrebljen na tim sllikama i sllikama Flore i Blum gore,skoro isti! Pa,jos jedna Winx Misterija,sta vi misllite o ovome!? :D Hm ja za divno cudo najvise vollim Musinu i Tecninu haljinu. lol :P <3
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Credits Pictures belongs to: Winx Club Episodios! Pictures are taken from Official Russian Winx Club Game!


  1. fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake.
    They are in THE EXACT SAME POSES as their season 4 civillian pictures.

  2. These gowns are beautiful! I really hope we see them in season 5!

  3. These images were made by blog
    The owner asked not to delete the blog credit, but you deleted.

  4. @Kica it is not fake! All picture from that Russian game are in that pose because it is A Dress up game!

    @Kae Lily Thanks yeah,me 2. ^^

    @Anonymous Well first,the owner of image is the one that posted it on "" and not blog.But anyways,i don't speak Spanish,so i just thought it meant something like "If you use images,give me a credit." Or something like that which i did. So i think it doesn't really mather if i removed them from pictures when i gave the credits in text. If they don't agree with this,Lorelai will tell me and i will change it. ;]

    Everyone else,thanks for reading. <3
    XOXO J. <3

  5. Hi guys, these dresses are from the first winx movie. They're the dresses that the girls (minus Roxy) wore to the ball in the last scene. Bloom's and Layla's dresses match perfectly, but Flora's dress color is off, and there's a on ton of details missing from Stella's and Musa's dresses. Techna's has a shawl over it in the movie, so I can't tell if its the same as the one above. Hope this helped~

  6. Yeah,but everyone's thinking it is just "movie inspired" dresses,not the same. ^^'

  7. Ooooh... my bad ^^" IGNORE THAT THEN~ btw, I love your blog!!

  8. lol why is layla's pose sexy lol why she see like looking for a bf ater nubu died? or what? why?is she sexy posegirl