Saturday, September 3, 2011

Are these REALLY the new Winx!?

Sooo the big rummors this week are like this picture and this video : it,see pic(from and tell me what do YOU guys think about this!? :D Lol well i heard its just photos taken from "MichaelsWinx Club" from last years liscenisng thingie show or something,but not sure ^^ I honestly dont much like the new BLACK Winx girlz look,so i hope its only new rock looks,but i LOVE new Winter look. :) 
XOXO Jovan <33333


  1. I don't think so. For one thing, those outfits look more like rock/band than casual. Those could've been the original rock outfits season 4 for all we know before Rainbow changed their mind.

  2. Yeah i also said that in post,its more of Rock,and that could be another fact. :D ^^
    Thanks for reading and commenting! ^^
    XOXO Jovan. :)

  3. I heard German Winx posted some tv shirts with those pictures on them. But i agree, I don't really think this is all winx. If they all transfered to Cloud Tower for some wacky reason, then i wouldn't mind the outfits...

  4. Xexe lol yeah i might need to agree,thats really awesome and creative idea. :D