Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rainbow MagicLand

Where is the magic that gives the paint color of the world? It's all here in Ranbow MagicLand, where a rainbow shows all his incredible strength! The new park will be opened in Italy in the spring of 2011. Jobs is in full swing - the main building has been made. "Finally, my heroes lived, created in this wonderful park! "- said the director of Rainbow SpA Iginio Straffi. "I wanted to create a place where my characters would be able to "Come alive", and now the dream has come true! "Iginio Straffi confirmed that the spotlight in the park will be presented to it the most popular project "Winx Club" and "Pixie", as well as some characters from his cartoons for teens. 

Alarm clock. Soap. Buns. Bus. Bench. Books. Facilities ... All these live every day, most students around the world. But if we go into the magical world Magiks, then make the return. Especially in Alfea, the castle, which is considered the best school of magic for you! In it you can learn all the secrets of magic, some of which are magical metamorphoses pozionologiya, magifilosofiya, cognitive analysis similarity of magic ... And this is just a small part of the studied school items! Also, the school has a laboratory for the most incredible and magical experiments, a huge library with all books for Subject spells.
The line between wise use and abuse of magic is very vague - teachers, of course, are the mentors of their students, but keep control over them hard enough! With the world we Magiks see the differences between ordinary schools and schools of magic ... Nevertheless, as in ordinary schools, Alfea students and students are also late awake, talking during class and always willing to sit through the whole Day books! But that's another story ... 

With the help of the park "Magic Land"you can visit the world Magiks, learning the basics of magic in the famous school for fairies Alfea where you can find a planetarium, a magical place that can learn the secrets of heaven through educationaldocumentaries in 4D.

-Contet and writting CrazyChild-MagiaDelWinx
Sve u svemu rec je o jednom divnom mestu,sllicno kao dizni lend,samo sto ce ovde biti stvari i likovi iz kompanije Rainbow,sto znaci RainbowMagicLand.I otvara se ovog prolleca u 2011 godini u Italiji.To je prosto divno,ja bih stvarno isao tamo.Mada za Italiju ne bi treballo da je mnogo skup put i to,kao npr za Diznilend koji je u Americi :) Dosta ljudi iz Srbiji vec je posetillo Rim,stari divan grad.I bas tamo cini mi se bice Winx Alfija u koju ce se sigurno i moci uci.Takodje cullo se da ce se i delliti bozanstveni Winx poklloncici.I naravno ne samo WInx vec i mnogo  drugih poklona iz drugih crtaca Rainbowa kao npr Hultik cini mi se da se zove.Vise o tome saznace se u skorije vreme.Vec sam pisao par postova o ovome i dosta se zna vec,alli je na englleskom,alli uskoro imacemo prillike da vidimo vise sllika i sve to.Alli,naravno u MagicLandu najvise ce se sve vrteti oko Winx i Pixija zato sto su oni njih najpopullarniji show :D

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