Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winx Special (4x60) + Rainbow and Winx toyline to Nuremburg!

Winx Specials (4 x 60) 2011 is certainly the Year of the Winx! The recent deal with Nickelodeon heads up a landslide of new Winx activity, starting with four brand new one hour specials to launch on Nickelodeon worldwide this year. In order to bring Winx Fans up to date with the wonderful ways and going on of the Winx, Rainbow and Nickelodeon are co-producing four specials that will summarize Series One, Two and Three. The specials will be produced in 2D in the glitzy style of Series Four, with a budget 3 million USD.

In Series One the Winx Club was formed by a group of close friends at Alfea College. The dynamic group discover their Fairy powers and, together with the Specialists (their male counterparts), they tackle the difficulties of life at college. Series Two sees the addition of Layla as well as the magical Pixies, who help against the treachery of Lord Drakar, bent on conquering the realm of Magix! In Season Three the Fairies are in their last year of college when they will qualify as full fledged fairies – while dealing with a whole new cast of characters and enemies alike.
At the 2011 Nuremberg Toy Fair Rainbow SpA will present its Princess of the Fairy Kingdom toy line, featuring a range of new glamorous and original toys based on its brand new stereoscopic 3D feature film, Winx Club 3D Magical Adventure.  The line features a Bloom & Peg toy based on Bloom’s new horse companion, and several fashion doll lines inspired by the outfits the fairies don throughout the film: whether on Earth, holding court in Domino castle or training with the Specialists on their magical sea-faring galleon, the Winx (and their dolls) always look their best!

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