Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Winx:Keisha? Nova Winx:Keiša?

First thanks Ella from Winx 4Life for great news about season 5,6(7) you'll read ^^
Article from Nick and More...
"Keke Palmer, star of Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP, will be starring in and producing Ragz, a music-oriented Nickelodeon teen movie, scheduled for a 2012 premiere. Palmer will also be providing the voice of Keisha in new episodes of Winx Club, which is also scheduled to premiere in 2012 on Nickelodeon.

The full press release via Interscope Records follows:
Teen Star Keke Palmer to Shine in 2011 With New Interscope Album and Roles in an Upcoming TV Series and Three Films
In addition, she will record this year the voice of Keisha, one of the magical fairies in the Nickelodeon animated action and fantasy series “Winx Club,” a hugely popular franchise with young girls worldwide that will debut in 2012 with new episodes in the U.S. Set in the mystical dimension of Magix where three schools educate modern fairies, witches and supernatural warriors from around the universe, “Winx Club” first aired in Italy six years ago and became an international phenomenon."
- My oponion- -Moje misljenje- (na srpskom skoroz dolle) ;]
Personally and honestly i would not want a NEW WINX fairy,she can be maybe new girl that will came to those that were in room,at start of season 4 when winx came to Alfea.As we know Layla DID became winx in season 2,so since its "their first season" (of girl in winxes room) maybe she will came to them,as Layla came to Winx.I really hope you all understood what i wanted to say.I hope that those girlz wont be like main characters in other seasons.But i dont think so.But something i would guess is that they will be shown again,since winx will be in Magix again,in Alfea i would guess right.
And my 2nd oponion IS like urs that they OR they kinda mixed up-changed her name from Aisha(original italian) to Keisha.I mean com' on they rime.It wouldnt really be "cool" that we have Aisha and Keisha,only if they were sisters,which they are not,cause we all now that Layla was lonely when she was little sooo...and maybe if she IS Keisha new winx,then english and ohter would call her "Kayla" i mean you know the mix "Aisha=Layla--Keisha=Kayla" i mean i guess that we will need to wait a while :[ but i really hope she wont be new winx,cause i mean 8 girlz is too much!?
And author of Una Di Noi said that she/he hope that there wont be changed any names,if they change Aisha/Layla to Keisha that they wont change others so and i really hope that they wont change all names -.^ Stella <3 And not just her,all names ARE kinda cute and origianl :D
Necu mnogo prevesti,sorry,tako me izmorillo evo pisanje,all ajde probacu nesta svojim recima :D
Pa nacullo se da ce u novoj/novim sezoni/sozonama 5,6(7) koje ce se u saradnji sa programom Nickeleodon-om i kompanijom Rainbow pojaviti u SAD u 2012 godini pojaviti nova vila,alli ne mora da znaci i winxica Keisha.Jos nije sigurno da lli ce ona biti nova winx,nova obicna studentkinja u Alfiji,nova obicna villa illi cak zamenica Lejle ALI ono sto se zna,jeste da ce se svakako pojaviti,posto ce joj davati gllas poznata Nick gllumica Keke Palmer.Pa to je sve za sada.Ako ne znate dobro englleski da prevedete tekst gore,pokusajte koristiti Google Translator ;]


  1. I want another winx thats keisha, but get rid of roxy i dont like her much.

  2. Really why don't you,i acutally like her,she is kinda cute,and when she is around its not everything about Bloom,like she is like best or something :) But its somehow looks like its was misspelled -.^

  3. ee bas mi je drago da pises na srpski, ja sam iz hr i razumijem sve! možes posjetiti moj blog na hrvatskom, ovoj je prvi ozbiljni dobar blog na blogspotu koji sam nasla, a još i razumijem!! <3

  4. Jao hvalla <3 Alli kao sto vidis ne pisem bas puno na srpskom,alli ugllavnom one bitne i one koji nisu bas dugacki ^-^ And P.S. vec sam bio na tvom blogu i tvoj dizz je moram ti reci WOW :D A,i imas puno komm-a isto :) Zellis lli da se takmicis za "Blog of the Month" za februar na mom bllogu?

  5. I think that keisha isn't new winx they just misspelled Aisha (Layla's other name).

  6. Yeah,but if u read other posts you can see that i've wrote that. ;D