Friday, January 21, 2011

Some Interesting things you maybe didn't now! Nesta sto niste mozda znallI!

Mediaset in two months has earned € 100 million with the Italian cinema including 3D Winx Club Magical Adventure.

Here is the article:

Mediaset group: five Italian titles and collection of 100 mln

October 1 to date, the Mediaset Group has launched five Italian films to earn an income of around EUR 100 million. "An investment in production and distribution, with results that, for the cinema industry in Italy, can be considered exceptional. Starting from the number of spectators who flocked to the cinemas to see films of the Italian group Mediaset: more than 15 million - according to a press - the new editorial line drawn from Mediaset focused on Italian cinema has contributed to the high level results. "

These collections made by several films in order of output: Welcome to the South for 30 million, over 3 million for Winx Club Magic-3D adventure, more than 8 for A Christmas Bride, 21.5 for the band of Santas, 31 , 5 What a beautiful day.
The film Winx Club Magical Adventure 3-D is among the 20 most popular films of 2010! Wow!
From Michael's Favorites 2

Risk-averse networks also turned to brands with built-in equity in 2010; Nickelodeon signed up for an all-new Power Rangers, as well as the established global hit Winx Club; Cartoon Network signed up for a series based on the hit movie How to Train Your Dragon; and Disney XD gave the green light to a show based on Tron. Other well-known brands that have been, or are being, updated include Voltron, Maya the Bee, The Cat in the Hat, Peter Pan and Le Petit Prince

                                                                   - Serbian-
Mediast je za dva meseca zaradio € 100 milliona,pomocu Italijanksog bioskopa,koji ukljucuje i Vinks Klub:Magicna Avantura.
Od prvog Oktobra izbacilli su pet fillmova,a neki od njih koji je bio Vinks Klub 3D:Magicna Avantura 3 milliona evra,sto je nize od ostallih,alli on je jedini bio animirani,mada i to je veoma puno.
Takodje najnoviji fillm Winxica- Winx Club 3D:Magicna Avantura,jedan je od najpopularnijih,tacnije u top 20 usao! WoW :D

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