Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lose population!? :O

Winx continue to lose population in the world. Russia is the second brand in more than
successful ever, second only to the brand Disney Princess.

The magazine Total Licensing Magazine Winter 2011, page 73, presents the
list of the 10 best-selling brand in Russia:

1 Disney Princess
Winx Club 2
3 Winnie the Pooh
4 Smeshariki
5 Mickey Mouse
6 Cars
7 Spider Man
8 Luntik
9 Bakugan
10 Barbie

Also at the Total Licensing on page 74:

The Second Most Popular Brand Was Winx Club, and the third Was Winnie the
Pooh. ... As Explained Already, RIO License is the country's only 100%
Russian licensing agency. The success of RIO, Which Has Been since 2009
exclusive agent of the Winx Club, is Proved by the promotion of the Winx
Club brand. During 2009 - 2010 the range of licensed products Winx
Dramatically expanded, and Increased cash flow 10 times.

And not just in Russia, also in Turkey is booming Winx
outperforming Barbie and Shrek, here the Total Licensing page 70:

Winx Club Was Launched first in 2004 into a market dominated by Which Was
Barbie as the girl's property in Turkey. It Seemed impossible to overtake
the success of Barbie - girls adored it and the trade worshiped it.
However, the situation Was, It Was Discovered, two largely to the fact
That Were there no alternatives.

Filma Ltd Decided to focus on the key values of Winx Club Such as magic,
fashion and friendship. Two months before the TV and magazine launch,
They Launched the Winx Club Turkish web site Which Was advertised through
the Internet. Winx Club Was The First To Have Kids brand ITS own website
in the local language, it was very important Because until that time the
Were the only websites for children game sites. With the advent of the
Winx Club site, kids in Turkey Suddenly Had A website WHERE They Could
learn things as well as play. The content of the website Was unique.
Girls welcomed this approach and visits to the site boomed after the
television and magazine launch.

The first category Was Launched to Emphasize the fashion bags fashion
Which aspect of the brand concept Was supported with display windows at
different stores in different locations. Looked for Licensees who filmed
They share the Same Enthusiasm felt for Winx Club And Also That Licensees
did not hold a lot of properties.

These different strategies Proved to be successful: One Year Later Winx
Club Was the girl's number one brand in Turkey.

Today, six years after launch ITS, Winx Club Was Awarded Best Girl's
By Property Association's Kid's Brands Carried out research over 20.000
Kids in Turkey.

Films created in the mall Activities Most popular mall in Turkey, meet
and greet sessions, in That TV commercial advertised the products of four
Licensees under the banner of Winx Magical World, Sampling Activities,
live TV shows and TV programs.

One Of The Most Successful Was promotions related to the first movie Winx
in 2008. Most popular films arranged for the Turkish Among girls band
Kids and Tweens - Grup Hepsi - to sing the lead song for the movie and
They Also shot a music video combining scenes from the band and the
movie. They Launched through the clips and music channels online. This
helped to broaden the audience beyond traditional Winx fans. The movie
Was 250,000 admissions and enjoyed the best animated movie of the year in
2008. For the second movie soundtrack Filma Also used celebrities. The
Were opening weekend ticket sales 105.000 Which Was Higher Than Shrek.

The TV ratings for Winx Club Have Been outstanding. Reached at the show
3.1 rating and 20.8% share Amongst individuals. On the product side,
Sales Have Also Been High. Winx Club to date has sold 400,000 DVDs, 1.5
million magazines, watches 330000, 1 million school bags, 1 million
fashion bags and 250,000 sets of bed linen.

For 2011, Films is working on the launch of PopPixie. This will be
broadcast on one of the Most Popular National TV channels early this year
and the launch of the toys will be through one of the strongest toy
distributors. That films are very confident this new brand will add to
the success of the Rainbow brands in Turkey. "
Credits (Thanks anon) for tip : Michaels's favorites and this forum . . .


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