Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winx Big News

WINX CLUB - is not only one of the most popular television shows world for viewers 6 - 12 years, which is demonstrated in over 150 countries. WINX CLUB - it's more than 1 million Russian-language web pages. WINX CLUB - a fashion brand that hit different groups of products: books school supplies, candy and toys, clothing and footwear. WINX CLUB - not just a brand - it's a lifestyle!
WINX CLUB surprised his admirers a variety of animated Series:
WINX CITY - Girls WINX conquer city
WINX Believix-favorite of all fans - girls with fairy WINX wings
WINX Love & Pet - Series with cute pets
WINX Rock - Winx girls to conquer the stage
WINX 3D - animation film "Magical Adventure" was released in theaters autumn 2010. Heroines are shown in ball gowns and style Believix 3D.
The company "Servistorg is an official licensee« WINX CLUB »on Russian territory by groups of commodities for school and work and goods for holiday. Assortment of products for schools include satchels, backpacks, pencil cases, bags for spare shoes, notebooks and folders for work, aprons, pens, pens, desk organizers, plastic, color and b / g pencils, erasers, sharpeners, piggy banks, etc.
Goods for creativity are ball clay and classical neon colors, light classical clay and neon colors sets of stained glass paints and glitter gels, canvas on a stretcher with a accessories.
Our products for the holiday would help to arrange a fan of Birthday style WINX. Colorful disposable utensils, napkins, balloons, garland, festive caps and pipes will create a real festive atmosphere.
The company "Servistorg" in 2011 offers its partners a 13 seasons Collections WINX CLUB (knapsacks, backpacks, bags, pencil cases, bags, d / shoes). Total assortment of products for school and work and goods for the holiday be approximately 400 positions.
WINX CLUB - the leader among the best selling brands in the segment of the school goods. WINX CLUB famous brand and the company Servistorg "represent a new collection based on the latest draft WINX CLUB - full-length film "Magical Adventure» 3D.
Packaging with holography!


  1. Where's the source of your information? Looks like you just stole this data and copied it from some other site. For something labeled "big news" not identifying your resource doesn't give any creditbiloty to this information.

  2. Owh right,stupid me agian forgot.Thanks for tip sweety ^-^ Im just always in hurry and forget to put it :( I even forgot to add some pic :/ lol